Toyota Rush Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures

Toyota Rush Price in Pakistan 2023

Below you guys can see the latest prices of the 2023 Toyota Rush in Pakistan(Price updated on 13 May 2022)

Toyota Rush Price in Pakistan (G AT)PKR. 8,009,000/-
Toyota Rush Price in Pakistan (M AT)PKR. 8,329,000/-
Toyota Rush’s Price

Toyota Indus Motors was founded in the 1990s when Toyota Motor Corporation and Pakistani Industrial group Indus shook hands to produce Toyota vehicles in Pakistan. Since then, this company has grown several cars that have made tier name in the local automobile market.

Toyota Indus Motors delivered the first of its second-generation Rush series on September 10, 2018. This SUV model is a compact crossover and has a petrol engine. Indus motors are producing two variants of this series in Pakistan. Toyota Rush G M/T and Toyota Rush G A/T. Toyota Rush is an SUV crossover.

Toyota Rush has a 1.5 liters petrol engine with a displacement of 1496cc with manual transmission. Both variants of Toyota Rush have the same machine. The only difference is that one vehicle uses manual transmission, and the other uses an automatic transmission.

Both variants of this vehicle have the same features, from the engine to the interior to exterior designs. Compared to all other SUVs produced by Toyota Indus Motors, this vehicle is the least expensive of all other SUVs.

Toyota Rush Pictures

  • Toyota Rush Backside
  • Toyota Rush Interior

Toyota Rush Variants:

Toyota Indus Motors is producing two variants of Toyota Rush and offering them to their clients in Pakistan. Both variants have the same features except for manual and automatic transmission. Here are some details regarding these two models.

Toyota Rush G M/T:

Toyota Rush uses a 1.5-liter engine with a displacement of 1496cc. This engine gives about 77kw of maximum power at 6000 rpm, and the torque’s value stands at 136 Nm at 4200 RPM.

The seating capacity is seven, with two seats in front, three seats in the second row, and two seats in the third row. In the last row, you can fold the seat to make room for luggage. The vehicle uses manual transmission.

Toyota Rush G A/T:

This Toyota Rush variant also uses a 1.5-liter engine with the same maximum output of 77kw at 6000 rpm and 136NM with 4200 rpm for torque value. This variant uses E4-AT transmission, which falls under automatic transmission.

This vehicle also comes in six different colors as per the customer’s choice. The rest of the features is the same as in Rush G M/T.

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Toyota Rush Specifications:

Here are some necessary specifications for the Toyota Rush and its variants.

SpecificationsToyota Rush
ModelsG M/TG A/T
L X W X H (Mm)4435 x 1695 x 17054435 x 1695 x 1705
Wheel Base26852685
Ground Clearance (Mm)220220
Seating Capacity77
Gross Weight (Kg)18701870
Curb Weight12901290
Fuel Tank (Liters)4545
Engine Model2NR-VE2NR-VE
Fuel SystemSFISFI
Fuel TypePetrolPetrol
Emission CertificateEuro 2Euro 2
Transmission5 M/TE4-A/T
Tire Sze215/65R16 98S215/65R16 98S
SpeedometerColor with chrome ringColor with chrome ring
Parking BrakeLiver with buttonLiver with button
Sun VisorDriver & PassengerDriver & Passenger
Anti Theft SystemImmobilizer with AlarmImmobilizer with alarm
Airbags6 6
Shift Lever & KnobUrethaneUrethane
Seat Verticle AdjusterDriver onlyDriver only
Seat Belts77
Door LockKeylessKeyless

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Toyota Rush Features:


Toyota Rush comes with a chrome-style front grill that gives this vehicle a sophisticated look. Its design has four bars with the Toyota logo in the upper two bars longer than the lower bars.

LED Lights:

This vehicle comes with LED lights technology in all its lamps. The front lamps have two sections with lower-grade light and an entire grade light with silver ornaments. In fog lamps and driving lamps, it comes with Chrome Bezel; Indus Motors have used some intense glow in the fog lamps due to dense fog in our region.

In rear-side combination lights, manufacturers have designed a beautiful sleek horizontal design, enhancing the overall beauty of this vehicle. On top of the rear windshield, they have put a stoplight with strong LED lights and a fin-like shark antenna for the vehicle’s audio system.

Roof Rails:

Toyota Indus motors have put roof rails on the roof of this vehicle for the extra carriage to fit for longer journeys. These roof rails come in convenient when we do not have enough space to put our luggage. For this, we fix a carrier over these roof rails, and we can put extra luggage on them and cover them with a solid cover or knot them tightly.

Rear Wiper:

This vehicle also comes with a rear windshield wiper that comes in handy when there is a rainstorm during our journey. We need clear sight of the backside of the vehicle. These wipers also have a water output nearby which can help you clean the muddy screed without getting out of the car. 

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Side Mirrors:

These vehicles come with electric side mirrors that control the inside button. You can easily fold them inside or outside and change their view angle as per the driver’s own choice of pitch.

Keyless Entry:

Toyota Motors has introduced keyless entry with keyless ignition to start the vehicle electronically. In most modern cars, this is the one necessity for all owners. This feature gives this model a futuristic look compared to all other vehicles.

Climate Control:

Toyota Indus Motors has used a dual-zone climate control system. That gives complete control to the inner temperature of the car. Predefined settings so that this system maintains the temperature on its own for the rest of the journey.

Steering Wheel:

Steering comes with multimedia switches available on the left side of the steering wheel. The steering wheel is an elegant design that enhances the cabin’s interior look.

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7″ ScreenScreen:

This vehicle has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen with multimedia with Bluetooth, audio/video playback, and a radio facility. This ScreenScreen uses apple play and android for easy access by the driver on the road. Kenwood is providing these screens.

Wheel & Tires:

The wheel size for the Toyota Rush vehicle is 16 x 6.5J, and the size of the car is 215/65R16 98S. These tires are readily available all over Pakistan in different brands.