Toyota Fortuner Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices of the 2023 Toyota Fortuner in Pakistan(Price updated on 11 March 2023)

Toyota Fortuner G Price in Pakistan (4X2 2TR Std Petrol)Rs. 15,809,000
Toyota Fortuner V Price in Pakistan (4X4 2TR Hi Petrol)Rs. 18,099,000
Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 Price in Pakistan (4X4 1GD HI Diesel)Rs. 19,079,000
Toyota Fortuner Lengender Price in Pakistan (4X4 2755CC Diesel)Rs. 20,129,000
Toyota Fortuner GR-S Price in PakistanRs. 21,089,000
Fortuner’s Prices

Toyota Fortuner is a four-wheel-driven vehicle with rear-wheel drive. It is an SUV version of the Toyota Hilux chassis. Toyota Indus Motors released its first delivery in February 2013 with a 2.7-liter 2TR-FE engine with two variants, VVT-i and TRD Sportivo.

According to the company’s spokesman, the Toyota Fortuner starts the competition within Toyota’s brands of Hilux series and Land Cruisers. It becomes the most favorite vehicle in the Pakistani automobile market within six months of its first release. Its positive feedback from its customers put it on the front row of the company’s showroom.

The popularity of this vehicle is the mid-powered 2.7-liter. Its overall power runs every system so smoothly. Secondly, it comes in two layouts, the front engine with rear-wheel drive and the Front engine with four-wheel drive. The third reason is that this vehicle is best in Pakistan because of the drivetrain from urban to rural to mountainous regions.

Toyota Indus Motors offers four variants of this vehicle to their customers. Fortuner G, Fortuner V, Fortune Sigma 4, and Fortuner Legender. All of these variants have main differences in wheel drive systems.

Toyota Fortuner Pictures

  • Toyota Fortuner Front
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Toyota Fortuner interior

Toyota Fortuner Variants/Models:

The Toyota Fortuner variants have minor differences, and I will mainly write these differences below.

Toyota Fortuner G:

Fortuner G is the minor expensive variant in this Toyota series with the 2TR-FE engine that provides 122kw with 5200 RPM power. Its torque values stand at 245Nm with 4000 RPM.

This specific engine lacks the variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT) & Intercooler. This vehicle has a six-speed sequential with paddle shifters but does not support the transfer and rear differential lock.

Toyota Fortuner G also lacks the power back door and engine-related feature of an oil leveling warning. It uses reflectors for door courtesy, and the In-vehicle stability feature uses HAC and TSC.

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Toyota Fortuner V:

Fortuner V is the upgraded version of the G model that uses the same engine, 2TR-FE, with a maximum output of 122kw with 5200 RPM and torque value of 245Nm @ 4000 RPM.

Toyota Fortuner V also lacks the VNT, Intercooler, and engine oil leveling warning specifications in the engine. As compared to Fortuner, it uses lamps for door courtesy. The vehicle stability features use WITH A-TRC, HAC, TSC, DAC, and LSD.

This variant doesn’t have a rear differential lock feature. It was unavailable in the previous model G of the Toyota Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4:

In May 2021, Toyota Indus Motors will release its third Fortuner Sigma-4 series to its respected patrons. This model uses 1GD Hi Diesel engines with a balance shaft that uses a 4×4 configuration. Its displacement is 2745cc, the same as the previous two Fortuner models.

Toyota Fortuner Sigma-4 has a rear differential lock with automatic disconnect. This vehicle also has two main features that two previous models don’t have VNT, Intercooler, and engine oil leveling warning.

1GD Hi Diesel engine provides the maximum output of 150kw @ RPM of 3,000~3,400 with torques values standing at 500Nm @ RPM of 1,600~2,800. This Fortuner variant has three drive modes:: Eco, Normal, and sports.

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Toyota Fortuner Lengender:

Toyota Indus Motors will offer their latest Fortuner series by the name of Legender to their esteemed clients in the Pakistani automobile market in June 2022. This Fortuner model is an automatic version of the Fortuner series that would soon grip the local automobile market.

It will have an automatic transmission with keyless entry. Displacement of Fortuner Legender will be 2745cc. The maximum output power will be around 201kw @ 3400 RPM, with torque values standing at 500 Nm @ 1600 RPM. The configuration will be 4×4 with solid capabilities to go rough off-road and in mountainous regions.

Toyota Fortuner GR-S:

The Fortuner GR-S lineup boasts an array of features, including monotube shock absorbers, silver race-type brake and accelerator pedals, and a redesigned GR smart key. Its exterior is embellished with a GR grade mark on the front and back, front fenders, a new front fog lamp cover, and an all-black 18-inch alloy design.

Inside, the car sports a new premium black interior scheme with GR red stitching. The seats are covered in suede and leather, and the steering wheel is adorned with the GR emblem and red stitching. The Optitron meter has been updated with red dials, and the car features a new carbon fiber gear shift console design.

Toyota Fortuner Features:


The Toyota Fortuner series has almost the same safety features: vehicle stability control, drive start control, and light reminder. These safety features are regarding the vehicle’s performance and positively affect the overall performance.

Other safety features that fall under the safety of vehicles regarding theft-like situations include an Anti-theft system. That immobilizes the car with a loud horn alarm that warns the public all around, which can be helpful.

Toyota Indus Motors claims they will offer a foolproof anti-theft system that would include a GPRS system. That will lock the vehicle and turn off the engine as soon as the car exits the predefined radius by the owner.


In the Toyota Fortuner series, two types of variants use two fuel systems one is diesel, and the other one is petrol. In Toyota Fortuner models G & V use petrol as their fuel with a fuel injection system. Both models use 2TR-FE engines.

Whereas in Toyota Fortuner models Sigma-4 & Legender use diesel as their fuel with 1GD Hi Diesel engine. This diesel engine provides about 150kw of power with 3400 RPM in Fortuner Sigma-4. In Fortuner Legender, it gives the power of 201kw@3400 RPM.

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The transmission provided in three Fortuner series models is six-speed sequential with paddle shifters. Still, it lacks the transfer with the switch in the Fortuner G model.

The vehicle comes with only two drive modes Eco and Power, in the first two models. In the to-be-soon-released Fortuner Legender, the transmission will be fully automatic.


The interior cabin is sophisticated and beautiful. Leather seats in three models except for fabric seats in model G. The door locks include speed locks that provide extra safety to the passengers.

All variants have an 8.95-inch entertainment screen with various features in all new cars. Fortuner Sigma 4 and Legender driver seat and the passenger seat are adjustable with height, reclining, and sliding through the power button.

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These Toyota Fortuner series use Bi-Beam LED PES lights in their headlamps. Fortuner Sigma-4 and Legender use day-running lights. High-mount stoplights and rear combination lights also use LED lights.

The frontal grille has a design of black paint with a chrome outer grille & lamp garnish. The side steps are silver-colored and black-colored in Fortuner G only. In-cabin, all variants have seven seats, with the last row can be foldable for the luggage compartment.


Is Fortuner made in Pakistan?

No, Toyota Fortuner is not made in Pakistan. Currently, Toyota is only assembling Toyota Fortuner in Pakistan.

Is Toyota Fortuner underpowered?

No, Toyota Fortuner is a quite powerful SUV.

Which Toyota Fortuner is best?

Toyota Fortuner Legender is the best model of Fortuner in Pakistan.

When Fortuner Legender launch in Pakistan?

Toyota has launched Fortuner Legender in 2022 in Pakistan.