Toyota Corolla Cross Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices of the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross in Pakistan(Price updated on 13 May 2022)

TOYOTA Corolla Cross Price in PakistanPKR. 11,179,000/-
TOYOTA Corolla Cross Smart Price in PakistanPKR. 13,099,000/-
TOYOTA Corolla Cross Premium Price in PakistanPKR. 13,419,000/-
Toyota Corolla Cross’s Prices

Toyota Corolla Cross falls under the Compact crossover SUV with a five-door body. Toyota Corolla Cross has two types of layouts, the first one is a front-engine and front-wheel drive and the second one is a front-engine with all-wheel drive. Internationally this model is also known as Toyota Frontlander.

Toyota Motor Corporation shook hands with Indus Motors Pakistan in the 1990s. When both agreed to establish a new setup under the new subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation under Toyota Indus Motors Pvt, they based their initial design in Karachi. They started producing various Toyota vehicles in Pakistan to this day. 

Nowadays, people have a craze for buying SUVs and compact SUV models. Toyota Indus Motors has always preferred to bring the latest automobile technology to Pakistan. For this sake, they get Toyota’s new crossover compact SUV launched worldwide in the late 2020s. TIM introduced Toyota Corolla Cross to its local customers in April of 2021 and started to deliver this vehicle on July 1, 2021.

Toyota Corolla Cross compact SUV is a hybrid with a powerful 1.8-liter 2ZR-FXE engine displacement of 1798cc. This engine has the power of 72kw with 5200rpm & provides a torque of 142Nm @3600rpm. This engine offers two options for drive mode, i.e., standard & eco, with a continuously variable transmission.

Toyota Corolla Cross comes with a highly efficient NiMH battery that provides an EV motor for an excellent driving experience. Its hybrid system turns on and stops the intake of petrol. Hybrid systems are environment friendly that not only reduces pollution but also help us to save our savings from buying much more expensive gasoline.

Toyota Corolla Cross Pictures:

  • Toyota Corolla Cross Backside
  • Toyota Corolla Cross Interior

Toyota Corolla Cross Variants:

Toyota Indus Motors sells three variants of their Toyota Corolla Cross series, lower-grade, smart mid-grade, and premium high-grade. All these three variants have the same engine. Still, their performance differs because of some minor differences from each other. Here are some details of the differences among these variants.


Headlamps in this variant are halogen lamps, but rear combination lights use LEDs. The vipers for the windshield use intermittent (time adjustment) with pigmented black color for the frontal grille. Lower-Grade also lacks roof rails and power + kick technology for luggage openers.

This Lower-Grade also lacks facilities like a light in the glove box, seat pockets, rear air conditioner vents, and cruise control. In the safety section, these variants only have airbags for the front seats of the driver and passenger.

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Smart Mid-Grade:

This variant comes with LED Projectors in its headlamps, providing a bright light in darker hours with curtain-like LED lights for rear combination lights. Toyota Indus Motors has provided rain sensors that use the wipers as soon as it senses the rain on their windshield.

The frontal grille comes in a gunmetal-painted finish. This variant lacks personal passenger light, and instead, it uses dome-type light and manual leveling of headlamps. This smart mid-grade has a 4.2-inch display for a multi-info screen and lacks a moon roof.

Premium High-Grade:

This variant comes with a roof rail and with power+kick tech. To open the luggage door, also include roof lamps for each passenger. Light is available in the glove box with PVC + piano black with a slide for the rear console box.

Front seats have 6-way & height adjustments for the driver seats and manual adjustments for the passenger seat. This premium, high-grade vehicle has an electric rearview mirror, and the moon roof is only available in this variant.

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Toyota Corolla Cross Features:


All variant of the Toyota Corolla Cross is a hybrid vehicles with a solid 1.8-liter 2ZR-FXE engines with a capacity of 1798cc. This engine generates 72kw at 5200rpm and 142Nm at 3600rpm. This engine has two driving modes with a continuously variable gearbox: regular and eco.


All variants have the exact dimensions of Length, Weight, and Height with 4460mm x 1825mm x 1620mm with 2640mm of wheelbase. Maximum fuel limits are 36 liters with a minimum turning radius of 5.2m for tires and 5.5m for the vehicle body.

Wheel & Tire:

All variants of Toyota Corolla Cross come with 17-inch alloy rims with 215/60 R17 tire size, which is readily available all around Pakistan. The design of the wheel is elegant and beautiful.

LED Lights:

All variants have LED lights available except the lower-grade variant in which the headlamps use halogen lamps. Still, the rear combination lamp uses LED Lights. Smart mid-grade and premium, high-grade cars use LEDs in their headlamps. The Premium and innovative versions feature an auto light system with follow me home, which becomes handy at night.

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Out Side Rear View Mirrors:

All variants of these compact SUVs come with electric, auto fold, and side turn signals. These side mirrors have very important due to their blind spot sensors that give extra help to drivers.


Maintenance for this vehicle is easy because all spare parts are available here. The Indus company has laid a vast network of authorized service centers in all major cities of Pakistan which connects through the internet.

Tailgate with Kick sensor:

Toyota Corolla Cross’s premium version has the feature of a powered tailgate with a kick sensor. At the bottom of its rear bumper, that helps when carrying well in both hands. In both previous models, they had to elect locks that used keys to open the tailgate.

Moon Roof & Roof Rails:

The premium version comes with a moon roof and roof rails that provide an attachment point for crossbars. It also helps other devices secure loads carried on the vehicle’s roof. It helps to use a different carriage carrier or any other device to place on the top.

Trendy Interior:

The interior of these variants is quite stylish with many features like comfortable seats, an 8″ entertainment LCD screen with a 7″ infotainment screen for drivers, and dual-zone climate control. It also has one USB port on the front and two ports on the rear side. Seat covers have fabric materials in lower-grade and mid-grade versions and leather in premium high-grade.