Dice Nur-E 75 Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Launch Date

Dice Nur-E 75 Price in Pakistan 2023

Here is the expected price of Dice Nur-E Price in Pakistan:

Dice Nur-E Price in Pakistan20-30 Lacs
Dice Nur-E Price

Dice Nur-E 75 Launch Date in Pakistan

On the 75th Birthday of Pakistan, Dice foundation unveiled the first made in electric car in Pakistan. This car is made from scratch in Pakistan. Currently, this is only available as a prototype, the company is not offering it commercially.

The company will do funding rounds and when the company will get enough funds then the company will launch its electric car in Pakistan. The name of the company will be “JAXERI”. According to our analysts, the company will take approximately 3 years to launch the Dice Nur-E car in Pakistan. So, in 2025, JAXERI Company will launch Dice Nur-E 75 in Pakistan.

Dice Nur-E Pictures

  • Dice Nur-E Frontlook
  • Dice Nur-E Backlook
  • Dice Nur-E Interior


It is a very big achievement for Pakistan, we Pakistani finally have made our first electric car from scratch. The front look of this car is very elegant and modern. It looks very similar to Honda’s electric car. The front lights of this car are round and come with LED lights, these things also enhance this car’s beauty. The back side of this vehicle is decent looking. Personally, we don’t like this car’s back design.

Now, it’s time to talk about this car’s interior design. Just like the car’s backside design, the car’s interior is so ugly. We all knew that many universities including NCA helped in the making of this car design. With that help, we didn’t expect this design. It looks like companies and universities did not have any interest in the making of the car back and interior design.

Dice Nur-E 75 Specification

According to prototype details, this car has a 35KwH battery that produces 107hp and maximum torque of 200Nm. It can achieve 120 km/H speed. Dice Nur-E 75 can cover 210 km with AC on a single charge. With a normal charger, the battery can be fully charged in 7-8 hours. But the company claims that with a fast charger, the battery can be charged within 2 hours.

Our Verdict:

It is very soon to predict the future of this car. But according to our analysts, currently, DICE company doesn’t have any funding. Let’s assume, next year, the company will get funding, then the company has to make a manufacturing plant that can take 2-3 years. So, the company will launch its car in 2025.

At that time, Pakistan will have many Chinese EV giants, for example, BYD has the plan to launch their vehicles in Pakistan, Javed Afridi (owner of MG) is also building an EV plant in Lahore to introduce electric cars in Pakistan. So, in 2025, Dice has to face too much competition. So, there is a chance that Dice will never launch any Electric vehicle in Pakistan. It is only our analysis, you guys can disagree.