Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices of the 2023 Toyota Prius in Pakistan. (Price updated on 21 Feb 2023)

TOYOTA Prius price in PakistanPKR. 14,649,000/-
Toyota Prius’s Price

Toyota Indus is a joint venture between Indus Motor Company and Japan’s multinational Toyota Motors Corporation. Indus Toyota Motor Company (ITM) founds in Karachi on July 1, 1990.

 ITM is manufacturing various models of Toyota automobiles in Pakistan. Toyota Prius is the most popular car model in Pakistan’s current automobile market. People have shown their total interest in the products of the Toyota motors over the years.

The main reason behind its popularity is the use of new automobile technology known as the Hybrid Power System. The hybrid system is a system in which power is primarily generated through an internal combustion engine and later through an electric motor.

The basic layout for the Toyota Prius is Front Engine with Front Wheel Drive & Front Engine with All Wheel Drive (e-four). Hybrid cars use Hybrid Synergy Drive or HSD, which means the hybrid car can run on the electric motor only.

Toyota Prius uses HSD, which has lowered the dependency on expensive petrol. With HSD, the driver can use this system when reaching the predefined speed. After that, the Prius hybrid system turns on HSD. The car runs on an electric motor through a special Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh) battery installed under the rear seats.

Toyota Prius Pictures

  • Toyota Prius Back side
  • Toyota Prius Interior

Exterior Design:

Toyota Indus Motor offers Toyota Prius a new type of design. That attracted many customers who love to have a unique design car in their inventory. TIM introduces a Liftback design on their Prius model’s rear side. Here are some other exterior features as follows.

Head Lamps:

TIM offers a stylish headlamps design in their Toyota Prius cars using LED lights with low power consumption but giving a bright light in darker hours. These LED Lamps have given Prius a prestigious look.

Fog & DLRs:

Toyota Indis Motor has introduced fog lights and DLRs in the car’s front lower bumper, giving this car a sporty look. Fog lights have become a necessary feature in modern cars due to their importance in fog seasons.

Trapezoid Rear lamp:

Toyota is offering a trapezoid design in their Prius model’s rear lamps & making this car an attractive benchmark. This design is on the liftback of the vehicle. In rear lights, they have used LED lights that give a pretty glowing light for the rear driver to adjust his car.

Coupe Roof:

Toyota Prius uses a coupe roof that provides this car with a whole new look. Typically coupe roofs are those roofs that are changed to liftback on their rear side with a 45degree angle.

Side Creases:

This vehicle comes with a design that includes creases on the car’s sides. These are aerodynamic lines that not only give a decent look but also help the car to use the wind pass for a smooth run.

Aluminum Wheels:

Toyota Prius comes with 15″ lightweight aluminum wheels. These wheels have an edge-shaped design that gives a sound ride and an attractive design that attracts people.

Rear Fog Lamps:

Many cars have front fog lamps, but Toyota Indus Motors offers a sleek design in their Toyota Prius model’s rear lights. They are offering a rear fog lamp to help all other vehicles on the road during fogy season.

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Interior Design:

Toyota Prius cars come with excellent and valuable interior features. That increases the overall market value in the automobile market.


Toyota Prius has a spacious interior design. That is because of its design. The space between the front and rear rows of seats is relatively ample compared to all other vehicles. Still, they have fitted with some excellent features for rear passengers.

Keyless Entry:

In most modern cars, a keyless entry is becoming popular. In Toyota Prius manufacturib=ng company has also introduced the keyless entry. We do not need to enter the vehicle using keys. Once we are inside, we can start the engine by pressing the start engine button.

Steering Wheel:

Toyota Prius uses an automatic steering wheel with many controls to control different car systems. These systems include multimedia controls, light controls, phone call receivers, etc.

Driving Mode:

About five different driving modes are available in Toyota Prius. These modes are Normal, Eco, Power, B, and R. In power mode, the car’s system gives you the sports car’s acceleration.


Brilliant aircon is the intelligent temperature control for the Toyota Prius. Once you have defined the temperature, then the vehicle’s system will control the temperature for the joyful ride for all passengers.

Toyota Touch:

Toyota Indus Motors provides a 7″ touch screen on the frontal dashboard of the car that has multiple systems for the ease of the passengers. From multimedia to smartphones, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

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Toyota Prius uses In-Line 4 Cylinders, 16 Valve DOHC, and Chain Drive (with VVT-i) engine. This engine uses Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection (SFI) for its fuel system. The total displacement of this car is 1798cc.


This model uses a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system. That allows a smooth ride during long journeys and the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system for its steering wheel.

Electric Motor:

Toyota Prius uses 53 KW of maximum motor power. This car uses Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery that fits under the rear passenger seats.      


Toyota Prius equips with a total of 3-point SRS Airbags for the safety of the passengers during the accident. These points are Dual, Side, and Curtain.

Extra Features:

This car has many features, including an ABS Braking system, a Vehicle Stability System, Crash Safety Body, and Front & Rear Disc brakes. It also includes a Double Wishbone Rear suspension system and aero stabilizing fins.

Toyota Prius Specifications:

Some of the Toyota Prius Specifications are shown below.

SpecificationsToyota PRIUS
Overall Length (mm)4540
Overall Width (mm)1760
Overall Height (mm)1470
Type  of Engine4 Cylinders In-Line, 16 Valve DOHC, Chain Drive (with VVT-i)
Maximum Output (kW@rpm)72/5200
Maximum Torque (Nm@rpm)142/3600
The suspension (Front/Rear)MacPherson Strut/Double Wishbone
Tires and Wheels195/65R15 Alloys
Fuel Tank43 Liters
Audio SystemTouch Screen JBL 7″ with Bluetooth and USB
Sun VisorsD+P/with Mirror

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