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Below you guys can see the prices of BAIC BJ40 Plus in Pakistan(Prices Updated on 12 March 2023)

Sazgar BAIC BJ40 Plus Price in PakistanRs. 11,225,000
BAIC BJ40’s Price

The appearance of the BAIC BJ40 Plus in Pakistan in recent days makes people think of the silhouette of the classic Off-road Jeep Wrangler. It has almost all the essentials for the best off-road vehicle: incredible off-road and amphibious capabilities. The BAIC brand is always appreciated for its heavy-duty and trendy design. Here is our in-depth review of BAIC BJ40 Plus.

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BAIC BJ40 Plus Pakistan


BAIC BJ40 Plus owns a tall, sturdy outfit made of solid pieces with the overall dimensions of the vehicle are 4645 x 1925 x 1871mm. The exterior comes with beautiful, modern, and classic features. It also has a dual grille, while the floor is named after the unique squares, and the lower floor is next to the silver front bumper.

  • The lighting system on this model received many compliments from customers because of the company’s thoughtful investment. The headlights, fog lights, and turn signals apply LED technology with beautiful white light.
  • Choosing an angular shape is the factor that makes the BAIC BJ40 Plus impressive. Not only the frame, but the fog lamp also sockets, and the headlights are rectangular.
  • The hip part of the BAIC BJ40 Plus shows off the style of Off-road cars from the smallest lines. 
  • The wide wheel arches cover the sturdy wheels.
  • The tires are detailed with small rough textures so that the car is not slippery when climbing.
  • In addition, the car design is attractive thanks to many highlights, especially the rearview mirror and doors painting in glossy silver.
  • The tail of the BAIC BJ40 Plus exudes the vibe of a cross-country warrior when it comes with a large spare tire at the rear. Balanced on both sides is a subtle rectangular taillight cluster.
  • The overall rear of the car is divided into two areas. The upper part is black with wipers, rear glass, and brake lights. Underneath there is red paint.
  • The trunk door opens differently. The rear bumper has the same design as the front bumper.


The cabin compartment of this model is quite spacious with a 2745 mm long wheelbase. It is easy to recognize that the BAIC BJ40 Plus borrows the interior decoration ideas of luxury cars like the Mercedes G63 2022.

  • The dashboard area is carefully designed.
  • The major highlight is the round air-conditioning vents and the long handle that is firmly closed. The entertainment screen floats on top to catch up with modern trends instead of the familiar submerged form.
  • The steering wheel is attractive with a sporty three-spoke design. Behind is an electronic dashboard.
  • The screen displays a lot of information from basic to advanced, such as speed, steering angle, and temperature.
  • The interior details are all covered with premium leather, while the door is a filling pattern.
  • The seat system is comfortable with a unique configuration system.
  • We also have seats that can be electrically adjusted in 6 directions.
  • The front seats are a relatively respectful distance from the rear seats, not too restrictive, bringing unique experiences for your adventures.


The full amenities help BAIC BJ40 Plus reduce customer prejudice. The car comes with an independent two-zone ventilation system and even has air-conditioning vents for the second row of seats to bring a very cool space.

The infotainment system is diverse with a 10-inch central screen, Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity, and a six-speaker sound system to create separate, low-pitched melodies. In addition, the car also has other amenities such as a 220V power socket and a storage compartment in the door.


  • The off-road model comes with a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This engine produces a maximum 160KW capacity along with a maximum torque of 320 Nm.
  • Completing the powerful power source is a 6-speed transmission that makes the gearing process smooth automatically. Your journey is also not interrupted because the driver does not have to hold the clutch.
  • Along with that is a four-wheel-drive system that helps the car move flexibly in many terrains from asphalt, quicksand, or gravel. The car has a high ground clearance of 210 mm like the Mazda CX-5 2023 to reduce the impact on the chassis walls and show the ability to climb well.
  • The model has a compact wishbone suspension design and a 5-link rear suspension for optimal shock absorption. The ability to wade up to 800 mm is a remarkable number for BAIC BJ40 Plus to conquer customers who like to challenge off-road adventures.


  • The wheelbase of the BAIC BJ40 Plus is slightly better than the CR-V.
  • These parameters are almost the same as C-segment crossovers such as Honda CR-V, Toyota Fortuner, and Mazda CX-5. However, there is a slight difference and height.
  • In terms of design, the BAIC BJ40 Plus makes many people think of Jeep and Hummer cars, from its aggressive appearance to the characteristic vertical grille and impressive headlights.
  • The interior of the BAIC BJ40 is inspired by the Mercedes-Benz G-Class cabin from the dashboard and air-conditioning vents.


BAIC BJ40 Plus offers many safety features to ensure a comfortable ride. Specifically, there are ESP electronic balance, EBA brake force support, electronic handbrake, and anti-lock braking systems.

In addition, the car also has an EBD brake assist, TCS traction control, and HDC rollover support. The car has two front and rear cameras, the rear camera puts the image on the rearview mirror for the driver to observe.

Pros & Cons


  • High value for money
  • Reasonable price
  • Solid exterior design
  • Comfortable interior compartment
  • The roof and doors are detachable
  • 2L turbocharged petrol engine block
  • Appropriate for both city’s use and off-roading capability


  • The design is like Mercedes-Benz G-Class
  • High fuel consumption
  • Poor high-speed handling
  • Slow braking system
  • Body rolls under-steer


Overall, BAIC BJ40 Plus is a car worth choosing at the mid-range price. The car’s interior, exterior, and technology are all beyond the segment, but the durability is yet to be confirmed.

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