Changan CS35 Plus Price in Pakistan 2023 | Launch Date | Pictures

Changan CS35 Plus Price in Pakistan 2023

Below is the expected price of Changan CS35 Plus in Pakistan. (Price updated on 8 Oct 2022)

Changan CS35 Plus Price in Pakistan50-60 lacs
Cs35 Plus Prices

Changan CS35 Plus Launch Date in Pakistan

Changan is one of the most emerging car brands in Pakistan. With Changan Alsvin, Karvaan, and Oshan X7, Changan has gotten so much attention in the Pakistani car market. Although, it is a Chinese car brand still people trust him and buy its cars.

Now, Changan is testing many new cars in Pakistan, and Changan CS35 plus is one of them. According to our analyst, Changan is planning to launch its CS35 plus in Pakistan in December 2022 or early 2023.

Changan CS35 Plus Pictures

  • Changan CS35 Plus Frontside
  • Changan CS35 Plus Backside
  • Changan CS35 Plus Interior

Changan CS35 Plus Design

The exterior design of this vehicle is very stylish and futuristic. Although it is a subcompact SUV, still it looks very mature and aggressive. The front grill design of the CS35 Plus is much similar to Oshan X7. It also has a red strip on the front and sides which makes it more stylish. Like the Oshan X7, it also has full backlights that go from one side of the vehicle to the other. You can say that it is a small version of the Oshan X7.

Now, let’s talk about the interior design of the vehicle. The interior design of the CS35 Plus is very modern and futuristic. It has a head-up touchscreen that looks connected to its speedometer. In the interior, it also has some advanced features. For example, it has wireless mobile charging.

Changan CS35 Plus Specification

In Pakistan, there is a high chance that it will come in only 2 variants. Like the Oshan X7, both of these variants will have the same engine and transmission. In Changan CS35 Plus, we will get a blue core 1.4 turbocharged engine which produces 158 bhp and 260Nm torque. In the transmission segment, it will come with 7 speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission. With this combination, Changan CS35 Plus can give you 21 km/l mileage.

Demensions and Specs
Length4,335 mm
Width1,825 mm
Height1,660 mm
Engine1.4L Turbo GDI
Maximum Output158 HP
Maximum Torque260 Nm
Tires55/215 R17 Alloy | 45/225 R18 Alloy
Fuel Tank Capacity53 litres
Demensions and Specs

Highlighted features of CS35 Plus

  • Panoramic skylight
  • Forest Air forest air purification system
  • Leather seats
  • Equipped with Incall 3.0 intelligent system
  • Equipped with “ACC with Stop/Go” adaptive cruise control
  • AEB intelligent auxiliary emergency braking system
  • AVM 360°panoramic imaging system
  • BOSCH ESP 9.3 Electronic Stability Control system
  • EPS (electronic power steering system)
  • Black armor-style lattice grille
  • Dual sports exhaust
  • Automatic headlights & intelligent lighting