Toyota Camry Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices of the 2023 Toyota Camry in Pakistan(Price updated on 1 April 2023)

TOYOTA Camry Price in Pakistan (Hybrid High Grade)Rs 53,859,000
Toyota Camry’s Price

Toyota Indus Motors manufactures various car models in Pakistan. Toyota Camry is one of them; this model falls under the luxurious models. Toyota Indus Motors was established in July 1990 when Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation and the Indus group of Pakistan shook hands to manufacture Toyota vehicles in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Toyota Indus Motors manufacture Camry with two variants, and both have similarities and minor differences. These variants refer to low grades and high grades. Toyota Camry uses a newly designed, more powerful engine with a displacement of 2487cc. This engine uses petrol as its fuel type, and its emission certificate is according to Euro V.

Toyota Camry is a hybrid with a well-designed electric motor under the permanent magnet motor. After reaching a specific speed, this motor takes over the engine’s role, and petrol stops pumping in the machine. Hybrid cars have shown much appreciation from their customers because it saves them money and reduces the individual level of pollution by burning petrol. These tires are readily available for Toyota Camry.

Toyota Camry Pictures:

  • Toyota Camry Sidelook
  • Toyota Camry Interior

Toyota Camry Models:

Toyota Indus Motors is offering two models/variants of Camry in Pakistan; here are some details for both models below:

Toyota Camry (Low-Grade):

Low-grade Camry uses the A25A-FXS engine with a maximum output of 131kw with 5700rpm, and Torque values are 221 Nm with a maximum rpm of 5200. This model has a 2825 mm wheelbase with 1585mm of front tread and 1595  tread on the rear track, and the ground clearance is about 155mm.

The gross weight for a lower-grade Toyota Camry is 2100kg, with 1625kg of curb weight on the minimum side and 1650kg on the top side. The fuel tank capacity is exactly 50 Liters. Compared to all other Toyota vehicles, it gives 18km/Lt in busy city traffic and about 25km/Lt on highways.

This lower-grade Camry has a 5.7m value for its minimum tire turning radius. This model uses sequential shift transmission with six-speed gears. The parking brake uses an electrical switch method with a power steering wheel that allows the driver to control the car quickly.

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Toyota Camry (High-Grade):

High-Grade Camry uses the same engine as Lower-Grade A25@-FXS with a maxi. The output of 131kw with 5700 rpm and the torque values are the same. The wheelbase is 2825mm, with a front tread at 1575mm and a rear impression at 1585mm. The ground clearance is 155mm.

This model has a minimum tire turning radius of 5.8m. The steering has a powered system with the same switches for cruise control, voice control, multimedia, and phone call.

This vehicle has a 7-inch multimedia information screen and an 8-inch display with a DVD-option audio system. This vehicle also has SRS bags for the safety of drivers plus passengers.

Camry uses LED technology in headlamps, fog lamps, and tail lamps. This model equips with a hill-start system, ABS Brakes, and a vehicle stability system.

Toyota Camry Features:


Toyota Indus Motors has introduced all the latest safety features in these Toyota Camry variants. These systems include an ABS Brake system, an Impact sensing fuel cut, anti-theft with an immobilizer system with a loud siren. Doors have power locks with a speed lock system,

Seats have ELR belts for the driver and passenger in front, and passengers in the rear have two seat belts with ELR configuration and a short strap. Only the driver’s seat has belt warning alarms. SRS Bags are present for the front driver and passenger, with an extra on the driver’s knee bag. The Curtain side and side also have SRS bags.

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LED Lights:

Toyota Camry has LED technology in its headlamps as well as in taillamps. Front lamps have an automatic leveling system, cleaner, and clearance lights. These vehicles use day running lights on the sides of their headlamps.

Fog lamps have LED lights that become pretty handy during our region’s fog season and the winter season in Northern Pakistan. These LED lights have changed all the lighting problems in modern cars, especially problems due to the continuous use of halogen lamps.

Panoramic Roof:

Toyota Camry comes with a Panoramic roof with options to open entirely and tilt for a better air inlet. These roofs provide all for the passengers, including front and rear passengers.

Steering Wheel:

The steering wheel in this Toyota model is entirely automatic with the maximum possible control switches. These switches include phone calls, multimedia, voice control, cruise control, driver’s seat reclining, and declinings.

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7″ & 8″ Display screen:

The 7-inch displays an informative screen that gives the complete picture of all information regarding the vehicle to the driver. Another 8-inch screen is present that connects to the audio system for entertainment purposes. Both screens show different features that are available in this car.

Dual-Zone Climate Control:

Toyota Camry equips with the latest dual-zone climate control that provides a better comfortable temperature in the car’s cabin, doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside. If we set it dual, this climate control will adjust the temperature according to your requirement.


These vehicles use automatic transmission that provides the driver a whole new comfort level. The car will decide what gear it requires to run the car smoothly. The driver can also enjoy the ride with these passengers.

Car Structure:

Toyota Indus Motors has introduced an impact-absorbing structure in their Toyota Camry vehicles. Thanks to this structure, now it is possible that the hard impact would not put injury to its passengers during an accident. The company has set some particular points which will absorb all the implications and divides equally on the structure.

Alloy Rims:

Toyota Camry comes with alloy rims of 18-inches, with two different designs of wheel spokes in two colors, silver, and black. The tire size is 215/55/R17; These tires are readily available all around Pakistan. These wheels use aluminum in their rims.

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Maintenance for this model is relatively easy compared to all other brands because the manufacturing plant produces all spare parts for this vehicle in Pakistan. The company maintains a full scale of authorized service centers across Pakistan for its respected customers’ best possible maintenance services.