BAIC X25 Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the expected prices of BAIC X25 in Pakistan.

Sazgar BAIC X25 Price in PakistanAround 3.7 million PKR
BAIC X25’s Price

Currently, Sazgar company has not launched this vehicle in Pakistan. So, in this article, all mentioned things are expected, but nothing is confirmed.

Recently, many companies specializing in distributing Chinese cars imported to Pakistan have introduced a completely new crossover model, the BAIC X25. This model has the full name of BAIC Senova Zhixing (X25). When importing to Pakistan, the distributor changed the name to a shorter one for the customers to remember. Let’s find out what this car has to attract domestic users.

BAIC X25 Pictures

  • BAIC X25 Pakistan
  • BAIC X25 Interior

BAIC X25 Pakistan


Although many customers criticize its copycat design, it must be admitted that the BAIC X25 is a model with an eye-catching, angular, and modern appearance. Something quite interesting and coincidental is that the BAIC X25 is almost the same size as the Hyundai Tucson.

  • Specifically, this model has an overall size of D x R x C of 4110 x 1750 x 1583 mm, respectively. While the measurements of the Hyundai Tucson reach 4475 x 1850 x 1645 mm.
  • From the front, the BAIC X25 looks very aggressive and sporty thanks to the large trapezoidal grille painted in black with an eye-catching dragon scale structure. The top also has a large polished chrome bar that stretches to the front of the car, contributing to increasing the luxury and rigidity.
  • The BAIC brand models are famous for their modern options. BAIC X25 is no exception when the entire lighting system on the car uses LED technology. The LED headlights of BAIC X25 have a sharp beveled design. Next to the LED headlight system are three small LED strips that make the opposite person easily think of the claws of a lion.
  • While most models on the market arrange daylight lights next to the headlights, the BAIC X25 can show a break when placed in the air cavity below. It contributes to creating highlights and increasing recognition.
  • The hip part reveals the disruptive design of the brand BAIC through the design that slopes upwards from the top to the rear of the car. The 18-inch wheels with the spokes structure of BAIC X25 also have a sporty style.
  • The most attractive highlight at the rear of the BAIC X25 is the claw-shaped 3D LED taillights similar to the daylight strip. Connecting the two tail lights is a chrome splint that stretches to the rear of the car.


With a reasonable price, customers will be hard-pressed to find a car with a beautiful interior like the BAIC X25. If you hide the BAIC logo, no one will think that BAIC X25 is a cheap car.

My first impression when I stepped into the cockpit was the air-conditioning vents, which have a design quite similar to Mercedes-Benz luxury cars. In mid-range models, this detail is equipped to look very sketchy. The next highlight is the striking orange and black two-tone combination to help the car reduce boredom.

The central entertainment screen has a vertical layout and the key sequences of the BAIC X25 are also somewhat similar to the Mercedes-Benz cars. However, the 7-inch size is still quite modest compared to the traditional big screen of other models.

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Thanks to the panoramic sunroof on the roof, the passenger compartment of BAIC X25 will become airy. With a wheelbase of 2665 mm, customers can be assured of legroom in the rear seats.

To reduce fatigue, the rear seats of BAIC X25 are also fully equipped with three headrests and central armrests. Besides, the back of the seat also has a large tilt to help passengers feel comfortable and comfortable.

The luggage compartment of the BAIC X25 is quite spacious, with a standard capacity of 380 liters. Underneath the floor, there is a spare tire to help customers turn around quickly when the car has problems.


Compared to other popular models in Pakistan, the BAIC X25 does not have as much comfort as it does. However, BAIC X25 confidently defeats Korean and Japanese rivals in the same price range.

BAIC X25 also comes with an automatic air conditioning system and air vents for the rear seats. The real quick experience shows that the car’s cooling ability is quite good. The infotainment system on the BAIC X25 includes:

  • 9-inch entertainment screen
  • Connect Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and USB
  • 6-speaker sound system
  • Smart key, push-button start


  • Powering the BAIC X25 is a 1.5L petrol engine block with four cylinders. The car comes with a CVT gearbox and front-wheel drive.
  • The engine block of BAIC X25 can be classified as classic because this is Mitsubishi’s engine with code 4A9 first introduced in 2004.
  • BAIC X25 comes with an independent McPherson / multi-link front / rear suspension. It has a set of thick tires with parameters 225/50R18.
  • For models equipped with a suspension system like the BAIC X25, there is usually a good damping effect. However, BAIC X25 will need more time to verify. According to the announcement from the manufacturer, the car has an average fuel consumption of 7.4L/100km.


Looking at the safety list of BAIC X25, many customers may be surprised when the model possesses so many modern features. Specifically include:

  • Electronic parking brake
  • Tire pressure warning
  • Reverse camera
  • Electronic balance
  • Anti-slip control
  • Cruise control
  • Emergency brake assist
  • Anti-lock brake ABS
  • Brake-force distribution EBD
  • ISOFIX child safety lock
  • The sensor automatically locks the door when the car is running

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price
  • Sleek, sporty design
  • Good level of comfort in the price range
  • Many safety features


  • Only two airbags
  • Low durability
  • Copycat design


BAIC X25 has the same advantages as other Pakistan models, such as low prices. The price is only equal to the Toyota Yaris model, but the features and options are much higher. However, the low durability of this model cannot make Pakistani customers trust this brand like the other Korean and Japanese brands. Therefore, Chinese models need to take slow and steady steps to conquer Pakistani customers.