Toyota Revo Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices of the 2023 Toyota Revo in Pakistan. (Price updated on 20 March 2023)

TOYOTA Revo G MT Price in PakistanRs. 10,549,000
TOYOTA Revo G AT Price in PakistanRs. 11,059,000
TOYOTA Revo V AT Price in PakistanRs. 14,389,000
TOYOTA Revo Rocco Price in Pakistan Rs. 15,179,000
TOYOTA Revo GR-S Price in PakistanRs. 1,61,49,000
Revo’s Prices

Toyota Motor Corporation shook hands with the Pakistani Indus group on July 1, 1990, with the establishment of Toyota Indus Motors. This same company has become the official Toyota manufacturing company in Pakistan with the manufacturing of various Toyota models. Over the past years, Toyota Indus Motors has manufactured many double-cabin vehicles, including the Revo series.

TIM is manufacturing various models of Toyota automobiles in Pakistan. Toyota Revo is a specific model for both types of territories, i.e., urban and off-road. Toyota Indus Motors manufactures its Revo in four models, Revo GMT, Revo G AT, Revo Vat, and Revo Rocco.

Toyota Revo is a double-cabin vehicle; it is a famous brand in Pakistan because of its durability and millage compared to the Hilux series. This vehicle is quite expensive compared to all other brands in Pakistan.

Toyota Revo has four different variants, which have minor differences. Each of them has the same engine with the same power. Most new features are only available in Toyota Revo Rocco. These differences are Wheel & Tire, over-fender molding, Dual-zone heater, etc.

Toyota Revo Pictures

  • Toyota Revo Backside
  • Toyota Revo Sidelook

Toyota Revo Models

Here are some basic details of the Toyota Revo’s four variants.

Toyota Revo G MT:

Toyota Revo GMT is the first model offered by Toyota Indus Motor in Pakistan. It is the upgraded version of a Hilux E. It uses 1GD-FTV (Hi) engine with a displacement of 2755cc. It has a Max. Output (kW @ rpm) of 150 @ 3400.

This model comes with a 6x manual transmission with a switch-type transfer. This model does not have drive modes like later models, and this model also lacks the cruise control feature.

The headlamps use halogen lamps but do have headlamps innovative system. This model has a bumper with chrome painted on it with a step that helps a passenger get in the vehicle quickly.

Toyota Revo G AT:

Toyota Revo GMT is the second model offered by Toyota Indus Motor in Pakistan in their Revo models; it is the upgraded version of a Revo GMT. It uses 1GD-FTV (Hi) engine with a displacement of 2755cc.

This model has torque values of 420Nm @ RPM of 1400 – 3,400 with a Maximum Output of 150kW @ 3400 rpm. This vehicle also uses a 6x manual transmission with Euro II emission standards.

However, Toyota Revo G AT has the drive mode for its engine with Power/Eco/S-w. It helps the vehicle to save fuel. Revo G AT is more expensive than Revo GMT, and still, it has many customers all around.

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Toyota Revo V AT:

Toyota Revo V AT is the third model in the Revo series manufactured by Toyota Indus Motors Pakistan. Like the previous two models, this vehicle comes with a 1GD-FTV (Hi) engine with the same output power and torque values.

However, the cur weight is slightly more than the previous model with 2060kg. Another upgrade is related to its headlamp, which uses Bi-Beam LED-PES with an automatic leveling system. This Revo model equips with daylight running.

Toyota Revo V AT lacks halogen lamps in tail lights compared to Revo G AT. Toyota Indus Motors has introduced a dual auto zone climate system in this model. This system has increased the comfort level for passengers in Revo V AT.

Toyota Revo Rocco:

Toyota Revo Rocco is the last Revo model to this day. Toyota Revo Rocco also uses the same engine as all the previous models. This latest model has many differences from earlier models, such as the design of its frontal grille, Sports bar, and frontal fog lamps.

This model also has dual-zone climate control and LED lights in its headlamps and tail lamps. This model has air outlets for back-side passengers, which increases the comfort level for passengers. This model has retractable side mirrors.

Toyota Revo GR-S:

The Revo GR-S is equipped with monotube shock absorbers and supports wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the exterior, the car features a redesigned front bumper, a GR grade mark on the front, back, and rear fenders, a revamped radiator grille, and a signature “TOYOTA” alphabet mark on the front grille. Additionally, the package includes an 18-inch all-black alloy design.

Inside the Revo GR-S, you’ll find a new premium all-black interior scheme with GR red stitching. The Optitron meter has been updated with red dials, and the seats are covered in suede and leather. The steering wheel features red stitching and a GR emblem. The package also includes a new piano black deck bar with a light that can be switched on or off. A redesigned GR key completes the ensemble.

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Toyota Revo Features


The Toyota Revo series comes with a decent and sophisticated design frontal grille. These grilles come in material with a gray-painted outer grille in two models. In Revo V AT, it comes in black paint with a chrome exterior grille. In Revo Rocco, it comes with material black with a black outer grille and chrome garnish.

Sports Bar:

In Toyota Revo Rocco Sports Bar comes in black color with O (with Deck Illumination). This design gives a sporty look to this vehicle, increasing the attraction points.


Toyota Revo Series uses 18 inches Rim for its Wheel. The information on the Tire is as follows, 265/60R18. Revo Rocco is only the design change compared to previous models; the rest is the same. Its Wheel and rim are 265/60R18 Rocco with Revo Rocco Design Alloy.

Head & Tail Lamps:

Two models of Revo, GMT & G AT, use halogen bulbs in their headlamps and taillamps. But in Revo V AT and Rocco, head & taillamps use LED lights. LED technology is far better than halogen lamps because it consumes considerably low power than halogen bulbs.


Driver and passenger seats of the Revo series vehicles have adjustments for reclining and slidings. Still, height adjustment is only available for driver seats.

Dual-Zone Climate Control:

Toyota Indus Motors offers dual-zone climate control in their Revo V AT & Rocco models. This new technology allows passengers to enjoy longer distances with comfort and a predefined climate system.


The series of Toyota Revo have multiple safety systems present that include Vehicle Stability Control, and Emergency Brake Signal. Drive Start Control, Tire-Turning Angle (Shown in MID), Engine Oil Leveling Warning, and Light Reminder.

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Toyota Revo Specification

SpecificationsToyota Revo
VariantsG MTG ATV ATRocco
L x W x H (mm)5325 x 1800 x 18155325 x 1800 x 18155325 x 1800 x 18155325 x 1800 x 1815
Tread [Front (mm) / Rear (mm)]1535 / 15501535 / 15501535 / 15501535 / 1550
Min. Running Ground Clearance310310310310
Engine1GD-FTV (Hi)1GD-FTV (Hi)1GD-FTV (Hi)1GD-FTV (Hi)
Displacement cc2755275527552755
Fuel SystemDieselDieselDieselDiesel
Drive Modes (Eco / Pwr s/w)XOOO
Cruise ControlXXOO
HeadlampHalogen (4-Bulb)Halogen (4-Bulb),Bi-Beam LED PESBi-Beam LED PES
Front FoglampLEDLEDLEDLED with Exclusive Bezel
Over-fender MouldingXXXRocco Design Over Fender
 Seat MaterialPremium FabricPremium FabricLeatherLeather


Is Toyota Revo comfortable?

No, Toyota Revo is not a comfortable vehicle. Only the front 2 seats are comfortable, but the back seat is quite uncomfortable because of the straight back setting.

Has Toyota stopped production of Revo in Pakistan?

No, currently, Toyota is producing Revo in Pakistan.

Is Toyota Revo made in Pakistan?

No, Toyota Revo is not made in Pakistan. Currently, Toyota is only assembling Revo in Pakistan.