Hyundai Santro

Pakistani people always want to see competition on budget category cars . They always ask whether any company is launching budget car or not in pakistan . Last decade , Hyundai Santro was the most popular car of the Pakistan .

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Unfortunately in last decade , Hyundai company had bankrupted . Due to this ,company stopped their work in Pakistan . Due to this , Hyundai Santro had also discontinued in Pakistan .

Now Hyundai Company has again started their plant in Pakistan . So Pakistani people again want to see Hyundai Santro in Pakistan . Due to heavy fanbase of Hyundai Santro , There are many video going on internet , in those video people said , Hyundai company has launched hyundai i10 and hyundai santro in Pakistan .

Hyundai Santro
Hyundai Santro

Due to those videos , Many People messages us on Facebook page and asks that, is that news is true or Hyundai santro is coming in Pakistan ? Unfortunately we have to said that , all those videos are fake , dont trust them .

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Hyundai Company Chairman ( Mian Mansha ) said on Pakistan Autoshow 2020 :

we have no plan to launch hatchback cars in Pakistan . Pakistani auto market already have so much competition in Hatchback cars segment . Pak Suzuki already cover the hatchback car segment and also some chinese companies are coming in hatchback car segment .

So you guys can read the above statement of the Hyundai officials . they have no Plan of launching any hatchback car in Pakistan . Please Stay tuned with our website . we will write an article، when we will get any news related to launching of Hyundai Santro or Hyundai i10 .

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