MG 3 might be the next car of MG in Pakistan (2021)

MG3 is one of the most awaited cars in Pakistan. MG3 is a hatchback car so this car would be cheaper compare to sedans. Due to its price factor, many people are waiting to buy the MG3 in Pakistan. Currently, MG Pakistan has only launched 2 of its vehicles (HS and ZS) in Pakistan.

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But the owner of the MG Pakistan ( Javed Afridi) has teased many of MG cars on its tweeter account. In one of his tweets, he also gave hint about the expected price of MG3 in Pakistan. Now here is good news for MG3 fans. Yesterday MG Pakistan has shared some pictures of its plant. In those pictures, We can see the body picture of MG3. So we can say that soon we will see MG3 on Pakistani roads. MG Pakistan said in their post that soon the plant will ready and we will start producing MG cars in Pakistan.

According to our analysis, MG Pakistan will wait for the upcoming Pakistan auto policy. After the announcement of the new Pakistan auto policy, MG will launch its new cars in Pakistan. MG3 might be the first locally assembled car of MG in Pakistan. According to our analysis, MG Motors might launch MG3 in Pakistan in August 2021.