Is Tesla coming to Pakistan?

Tesla is the leading electric car manufacturer in the world. Recently, Pakistan’s government has announced a new electric car policy. After this announcement, So many people want to see Tesla electric cars in Pakistan.

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Now you will be thinking, is really Tesla coming to Pakistan? and why this discussion is started. This discussion is started just because of Javed Afridi Tweet. Below you guys can see his tweet.

Javed Afridi is the owner of the Haier, Ruba, MG, and Forland. Recently, Javed Afridi has also introduced MG HS and MG ZS EV in Pakistan. You can see in his recent tweet, He tweeted “TESLA IN PAKISTAN?”. He is clearly giving hints that he is in talks with Tesla company to introduce Tesla cars in Pakistan. So in the future, we might see Tesla cars in Pakistan.

Should we really excite about this news?. I am asking about it just because Tesla cars are not cheap. Tesla’s cheapest car is the Tesla Model 3, which the starting price is $35,000. If we convert the $35,000 to Pakistani Rupee, it will be around 55,89,500 PKR. This means, if Tesla ever comes to Pakistan, Tesla cars come with an expensive price tag. Middle-class people will never get a tesla car due to their price.