4 best cars under 15 lakhs in Pakistan 2020

Pakistani people always want economical / budget cars in Pakistan . Although Pakistani people don’t have large list to choose budget cars in Pakistan . There is no car under 10 lakhs in Pakistan so Today we will tell you about 4 best cars under 15 lakhs in Pakistan .

There are only 4 cars available under 15 lakhs in Pakistan . So today we will talk about all of 4 cars that are available in Pakistan . we will list them according to our preference although we will give you reasons about why we list this car above then other cars . Below you guys can see our list . No1 is our top priority and No4 is our least priority .

  1. Suzuki Alto
  2. Zotye Z100
  3. DFSK Prince Pearl
  4. United Bravo

Suzuki Alto


After the discontinuation of Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan , Pak Suzuki Had Launched Suzuki Alto in Pakistan . Now days , Suzuki alto is most selling car of Pak Suzuki in Pakistan . Suzuki Alto has already broken the Suzuki Mehran sales record in Pakistan .

Now Pakistan have latest generation of Suzuki Alto . The Good is that our rival country is one generation behind from us , in term of Suzuki Alto generations . Pak Suzuki offers 3 variant of Suzuki alto in Pakistan . two variant are manual and one is automatic , there are also some differences in features of these variants .

Although car design is a personal preference but personally i liked suzuki alto design because suzuki alto is a budget car and we can’t expect sport design car in budget category cars . Suzuki alto is only car in Pakistan under 15 lakhs which have safety features like Airbags and ABS Brakes .

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Now let us to tell you why we put Suzuki Alto on No1 in our list .Our main reason to choose Suzuki Alto on NO1 because it have Safety features but below you guys can also read other reasons .

  1. have Safety features like ( airbags , abs )
  2. easily available body parts
  3. low maintenance car
  4. big car brand
  5. good quality
  6. best fuel mileage

Zotye Z100

Zotye Z100 is kind of new car in Pakistani market and it not a very famous car in Pakistan . So why we put this car on NO2 . There are mainly 2 reasons behind this . NO1 reason , This car has 1000cc engine and it is the only car in our list which have 1000cc engine .

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NO2 reason , this car have better build quality than other cars , because this car has been not currently making in Pakistan. currently company is importing this car from china . Zotye Z100 price in Pakistan is 14.9 lac .

DFSK Prince Pearl

Prince Pearl is kind of new entrant in Pakistan auto market . DFSK company has launched this car in February 2020 in Pakistan . This car has very good design . In fact I would say that the design of this car is better than other cars.

This car Comes with many features but unfortunately i would say , this car have poor build quality . Due to poor quality of this car ,we put this car on NO3 . Prince Pearl price in Pakistan is 11.5 lac . this car is 50 thousands cheaper than United Bravo .

United Bravo

United Company has launched United Bravo in September 2018 . So we can say that united bravo is kind of old car in Pakistan . but unfortunately united bravo is a chinese product and it comes with poor build quality . Due to united bravo poor build quality people never trust chinese products.

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Although , United bravo comes with many interesting features like ( lcd screen , parking sensors , back camera etc ) but unfortunately united bravo comes with poor build quality and when people see united bravo quality then people never want to to purchase this car .

We put this car on NO4 just because of its less space on the back seats. United Bravo price in Pakistan is 10.99 lac. Below in the comments, you guys can put your list of Cars under 15 lakhs in Pakistan. We are eagerly waiting to see your list of Cars under 15 lacs in Pakistan.