I would say , Honda city has separate fan base in Pakistan . After every one to two day , I has gotten a message on instagram related to Honda City . Everyone want to know that , when will Honda Atlas is launching Honda City in Pakistan .

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In Pakistan Honda City almost 10 year old . So Pakistani people are so frustrated to Honda City . They are so tired to see the same design of Honda City from last 10 years . In 2016 first time we got news related to New Honda City . In 2016 ,There are Many Honda Dealerships that told us that , New Honda City ( 6th Generation ) is Coming .

But that news had gone in vain . Last year in 2019 , we also got news that , Honda company is planning to launch Honda city ( 7th generation ) in Pakistan . But that news also had gone in vain . Pakistani people always has gotten news related to New Honda City but those news never comes true, so that’s why Pakistani people are so frustrated .


Now in early 2020 , we had gotten news that Honda company has imported the Honda City 6th generation in Pakistan . According to our sources ,Honda Pakistan is testing Honda City 6th generation on Pakistani roads . Honda will launch Honda City 6th generation in Pakistan early 2021 .

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Honda City 6th gen is old generation of honda city . Recently in Malaysia and india , Honda Company has launched Honda City 7th generation . but 2021 Pakistan people will get old generation of Honda city . Although it’s true that Pakistan people only want new design of Honda city in Pakistan . They have no concern with car generations . But in my opinion , Honda Company should launch Honda city 7th generation in Pakistan .

There is also news coming that in 2021 there are also some chances that Honda will also launch Honda Civic new generation in Pakistan . Because after every 5 years ,Honda civic generation is always changed . So in 2021 , Honda Civic ( 10 generation ) will have completed five years . so we might see new generation of Honda civic in Pakistan in 2021 . Stay Tuned for more News .

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  1. Sharazicars, I want to know every new development of Honda City/Civic & Toyota Corolla/Yaris . As far as the launch date & generations in Pakistan is concern .

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