Hyundai Fooled Pakistani People

I don’t know where should i start . Just one day ago , Hyundai Nishat had launched Hyundai Tucson in Pakistan at 48,99,000 FWD and 48,99,000 AWD . Now we has heard a news that Hyundai has increased Hyundai Tucson Price in Pakistan .

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Monopoly is not good for any market . we has always heard that Suzuki , Honda and Toyota has created monopoly in Pakistan . whenever they want to increase price . they has increased price with no fear . because there is no one in Pakistan to regulate these car companies . Now we think , Hyundai is Upcoming member of this Monopoly Party .

Pakistani People are fed up with these companies . Now Pakistani People are Facing new technique of price increase . Now Days , these companies are using introductory Price weapon to increase their car prices .

Last Time Suzuki company had launched Suzuki Jimny with introductory Price . After Some Days , suzuki had increased Suzuki jimny price . Now Hyundai Nishat has used this introductory Price technique .

Hyundai Company had launched Hyundai Tucson with Competitive price . Pakistan people was appreciating it . Due to Hyundai Tucson Competitive price , Digital Media and TV Media was promoting Hyundai Tucson . In my opinion, it is a biggest market stunt . we should boycott these companies .

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As per ?????? ????? ?? ?????? , the prices are now increased for TUCSON. HYUNDAI increased the price for GLS / FWD @ ??? ?,???,???/- while the ULTIMATE/ AWD is now priced @ ??? ?,???,??? /-. Interestingly, the booking is also now temporarily CLOSED. [ By the way , some dealers were even quoting 5,211,400/- for the GLS while 5,711,800/- for the ULTIMATE] . Hyundai even removed the previously posted price list from their website. what type of marketing and launch is this ? The vehicle didn’t even spent 24 hours on the showroom floors and the price is already bumped upwards .