KIA Sorento Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Let’s talk about the price of a new KIA Sorento in Pakistan. This vehicle comes with a 4-year or 100,000 km warranty.

(Price Updated on 1 Nov 2023)
VariantsNew Price
KIA Sorento 2.4 FWD Price in PakistanRs. 10,300,000
KIA Sorento 2.4 AWD Price in PakistanRs. 11,200,000
KIA Sorento 3.5 FWD Price in PakistanRs. 11,290,000
KIA Sorento’s Prices

Lucky Motor Corporation launched the Kia Sorento in Pakistan. LMC Pvt Ltd. offers two basic models of Kia Sorento to customers, and they are different based on their two diverse engines. Then there are three more models based on the Drivetrain.

The first engine is Theta-II 2.4L MPI, and this has two models according to Drivetrain. One is Front Wheel Drive and the other one is All Wheel Drive. The second engine is a Lambda-II 3.5L MPI with a Drivetrain of Front Wheel Drive.

LMC Pvt. Ltd. has the vision to contend its products as per the needs of all respected classes of Pakistan. They launched Kia Sorento with models with most of the same features except for some differences to achieve this purpose. These differences are technical kind, but the exterior design is the same.

Kia Sorento Pictures

  • Kia Sorento Exterior
  • Kia Sorento Interior

Kia Sorento Models

LMC Pvt. Ltd. offers models based on their engine types. Then further, these models are divided based on their Drivetrain. Let’s closely look at these Kia Sorento models.

Theta-II 2.4L MPI

Kia Sorento’s first model is Theta-II 2.4L MPI. This engine’s displacement (cc) is 2359, and the Maximum Output is about 127(172)/6,000 with Maximum Torque (Nm/rpm), and their numbers are 225/4000. Transmission of Theta-II 2.4L MPI model is 6-speed Automatic plus SportsMatic.

This model separates into two based on Drivetrain, Front Wheel Drive & All Wheel Drive. The length is 4.8 meters, the width is 1.89 meters & height of this model is 1.685 meters.

Front-Wheel Drive (FWD):

There are only two airbags for the driver and passenger in the FWD model. In this model, LMC Pvt Ld uses a steel rim for the spare wheel for this model. Seat reclining, height adjustments, seat sliding, and cushion tilting are only available for driver’s seats with two-way power. The tailgate is manual.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD):

In this model total of six airbags are present, two on the front, two on the side, and two on the curtains. Seat reclining, height adjustments, seat sliding, and cushion Tilting are available for the driver plus passenger. LMT Pvt Ld uses a full alloy rim for the spare wheel.

Lambda-II 3.5L MPI (FWD)

LMC Pvt Lt introduces the second model for their Kia Sorento as per Lambda-II 3.5L MPI engine. This engine is quite strong than the previous one, and this engine’s displacement (cc) is 3470.

The Maximum Output (kW(ps)/rpm) is 206(280)/6300, and its Maximum Torque (Nm/rpm) is 336/5000. These numbers show this engine is much stronger than the previous model. The transmission of this model is 8-speed Automatic + SportsMatic.

Drive modes in this second model include Comfort, Eco, Sport, and Smart. In this model, a total of six airbags are present, two on the front, two on the side, and two on the curtains. The tailgate is automatic with Power, Height Adjustable, and Memory Functions.

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Exterior Feature

Lucky Motor Corporation has introduced a unique, vibrant exterior design to their Kia Sorento compact SUVs.

DTR Lamps:

DTR lamps stand for Day Time Running Lamps. DTR Lamps turn on when you switch on the engine. It is helpful to all others on the road to know that your car is on.

LED Fog Lamps:

LMC Pvt Lt uses ice-cubed LED fog lamps, which are pretty helpful in the season of fog and smog. Especially in the northern parts of Pakistan, these would be petty helpful in the winter season.

LED Tail Lamps:

Manufacturers use LED lamps in the tail and stop lights because, compared to regular bulbs, these LEDs consume low power and can quickly turn off.

Skid Plate, Grille & Handles:

Kia Sorento has used a chrome metallic grille on its frontal side with a sophisticated design that can be observable. The door uses Chrome handles. The skid plates of this Kia Sorento are silver in colour.

Interior Feature

LMC Pvt Lt has introduced the top possible relaxing interior design in their Kia Sorento SUVs. We can divide the interior design into two major categories, i.e., RestfulI Innovations and Facilities offered for Drivers and passengers.

Comfortable innovations include the best quality and design for the seats of the Kia Sorento. An essential part of a vehicle is the seat because it helps us take the journey relaxed.

Kia Sorento offers panoramic sunroofs that allow passengers to enjoy direct sunlight in the winter season. We can slide open the half roof for our requirements.

The overall interior design of the Kia Sorento SUV’s cabin is luxurious. It provides better access to features like USB ports for your devices. The frontal centre fascia helps drivers & passengers interact with the multimedia facility and other features like frontal dashboard LCD, climate control, etc.

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Kia Sorento offers an excellent performance system that enhances the life of your car and gives you many other extras to employ this car as per your requirements.

These performance perks include Vehicle Stability Management which helps in the vehicle’s stability in different terrain. 6x automatic gear transmissions in Theta-II 2.4L MPI Engine give good power to this vehicle. 8x automatic gear transmissions in Lambda-II 3.5L MPI engine provide this Kia with Sorento model a beastly power on the road.

Parking assist system, Emergency airbags for driver and passenger to reduce the hard impact on the front side. Hill-start system and hill-down system that assists the engine not to get overheated with consistent brakings and ABS braking system.


SpecificationTheta-II 2.4L  MPITheta-II 2.4L  MPI Lambda-II 3.5L MPI
Length (m)
Width (m)1.891.891.89
Height (m)1.6851.6851.685
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm)185 CVW185 CVW185 CVW
Fuel Tank (Litres)70 Ltr70 Ltr70 Ltr
Displacement (cc)235923593470
Maximum Output (kW(ps)/rpm)127(172)/6,000127(172)/6,000206(280)/6300
Maximum Torque (Nm/rpm)225/4000225/4000336/5000
Transmission6x Auto + Sport6x Auto + Sport 8-Speed Automatic +
Drive ModeComfort + Eco + SportComfort + Eco + SportComfort + Eco + Sport + Smart
AirbagsDriver + PassengerDriver + Passenger + Side + CurtainDriver + Passenger + Side + Curtain
TailgateManualPower + Height Adjustable + Memory FunctionPower + Height Adjustable + Memory Function

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Is Kia Sorento available in Pakistan?

Yes, Kia Sorento is available in Pakistan.

Is Kia Sorento assembled in Pakistan?

Yes, Kia Motors is assembling the Kia Sorento in Pakistan.

What is the top model of Kia Sorento?

Kia Sorento 3.5 (FWD) is a top model of Sorento in Pakistan.

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