Hyundai Sonata Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures

Hyundai Sonata Price in Pakistan 2023

Let’s talk about the price of a new Hyundai Sonata in Pakistan. (Price updated on 18 March 2023)

VariantsNew Price
Hyundai Sonata 2.0 Price in PakistanRs. 10,329,000
Hyundai Sonata 2.5 Price in PakistanRs. 11,280,000
Hyundai Sonata’s Price

Hyundai Sonata falls under the Mid Size car class with a front-engine & front-wheel-drive layout style. Hyundai Nishat Motors launched Hyundai Sonata on July 5, 2021.

Hyundai Nishat Motors has introduced many features in their new cars, i.e., Hyundai Sonata. Many unique features are present in these variants to enhance the passengers’ well-being. In today’s world, every person needs to use innovative technologies by which they can perform better than before within a minimum time frame.

Hyundai Nishat Motors has launched two variants of the Hyundai Sonata in Pakistan. The first is called “Sonata 2.0,” and the second one is called “Sonata 2.5.” Both variants of the Hyundai Sonata have minor differences, and the rest are the same.

Hyundai Nishat Motors has put its best abilities to work out all the best possible benefits for your relaxed drive and journey. They care for you, so they tried their best to give you the same benefits for your trip on motorways to routine movements in busy city traffic.

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Hyundai Sonata Models:

Hyundai Sonata 2.0:

Hyundai Sonata 2.0 refers to the 2000 CC engine. This engine has 152 HP power with a maximum Torque Newton meter of 192 at 4500 RPM. This variant of the Hyundai Sonata 2.0 has a seating capacity of 5 persons. This variant 2.0 has five driving modes, i.e., Smart, Sport, Eco, Custom, and Comfort.

Hyundai Sonata 2.5:

Hyundai Sonata 2.5 refers to the 2500 CC engine. This engine has 180 HP power with a maximum Torque Newton meter of 232 at 4000 RPM. Sonata variant 2.5 has the same 5 five-person seating capacity, and Hyundai Sonata 2.5 variant has five driving modes as in Sonata variant 2.0.

Hyundai Sonata Pictures

  • Hyundai Sonata Side Look
  • Hyundai Sonata Backside
  • Hyundai Sonata Interior

Exterior Design

Hyundai Nishat Motors has introduced a unique dynamic exterior design to their Hyundai Sonata cars.

Gleaming Front Grille:

Manufacturers have designed a beautiful gleaming design for the Hyundai Sonata frontal grille. That delivers perfection and exquisite design.


Hyundai has used the world-famous Tetra LED lights in its headlamps for ideal night vision after dark hours.


DRL stands for Daylight Running Lamps. The benefit of these lights is that everyone can see and observe that your car’s engine is on and you are moving when driving on the road. In our region, we face heavy fog and sometimes dense smog, and DRLs give benefit others that we are coming.

Frontal Parking Sensors:

In today’s world, we live in innovations of all kinds. We have sensors to guide us remotely when we should stop moving forward in modern cars. This feature is also helpful when no one is around to help us park our car.

Frontal Sporty Bumper:

Hyundai Sonata has designed an effulgent frontal bumper with the design of the sports car bumper. They also used the glamorous chrome lining in the bumper for the best possible unique design.

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Interior Design

Hyundai Nishat Motors has introduced the maximum possible relaxing interior design in their Hyundai Sonata Luxurious cars for the driver and the passengers traveling in this car. We can divide the interior design into three other areas, the seating zone, the comfort zone, and the engagement zone.

Natural S-Curve:

Hyundai Sonata cars offer better seats than other vehicles. Hyundai has designed its seats to provide our spine’s natural S-curve with the best possible comfort.

Two-Tone Camel Interior:

Hyundai Nishat Motors has given the seats of their Sonata model with a two-tone camel design. This design has enhanced the seats’ stylish look.

Powered Seats:

Hyundai Sonata has offered a 10-way powered seat for the car driver and about 4-way powered for passenger seats. Powered seats mean you can get the seats upwards and downwards and frontal & rear movements.

Rear Door Curtains & Powered Rear Curtains:

This vehicle has offered curtains for the rear passenger door. Curtains will give the passengers a little bit of privacy plus block the sunlight. On the back windscreen, they have also provided the powered rear curtain with a control for the driver.

Wireless Charging:

Smartphones have become an essential gadget in today’s world. Every day, smartphones are getting better and better power batteries for them. Still, their life spans are getting low because of high usage. This Hyundai Nishat motor has provided wireless charging for smartphones in the cabin of this car.

Climate Control:

Hyundai Sonata offers dual automatic climate control in the passenger cabin. That allows the system to control the passenger’s cabin climate according to prefixed settings.

8″ LCD:

With the help of an 8″ LCD, you can engage in controlling different features of the car to some level of entertainment. This vehicle has an 8″ LCD screen, and this screen has the option to be connected to the internet.


Hyundai Sonata has six speakers fitted in the car, 2 in the front dashboard, 2 in the rear doors, and 2 in the rear windscreen bottom surface. These speakers provide an ultimate sound quality according to the choice of listeners.

EC Backview Mirror:

Hyundai Nishat Motors has fitted the electronic back view mirror. That can adjust the mirror accordingly to the glare of the rear headlamps of other vehicles.

Keyless Entry:         

Hyundai Sonata offers keyless entry into the car. It means you will have the device to let you enter the vehicle and start the engine without any physical key. When you get out of the car, your vehicle is locked again at 2 meters. The side mirrors will retract automatically.

Cruise Control:

Hyundai Nishat Motors have designed this car for a luxurious journey. They have provided cruise controls to the car driver at the steering wheel to achieve this goal.

Paddle Shifters:

Another critical feature offered in this car is the control of different necessities provided by the steering wheel, including gears, incoming phone calls, multimedia controls, and some other features.

12.3″ Full LCD Display:

This vehicle has a 12.3″ full LCD cluster display that shows the car’s necessary information to the driver. This information includes fuel indicator, car speed, car RPM rate, and Car engine temperature.

A Specific screen shows the distance a car can travel in remaining fuel. The same screen can show how much you traveled in the last hour with how much energy you consumed.

Performance and Features

Hyundai Nishat Motors has used the most modern equipment in their Hyundai Sonata Luxurious Sedans to achieve the great comfort of the journey. These performances include engine, gearbox, and safety.


Hyundai Sonata uses the most modern technologies in their manufactured machine. 2.5L Smartstream MPI engine provides a whole new experience if driving with mid-range power. With the help of the gearbox, this engine offers such ability by using minimum fuel.

Gear Box:

Hyundai Sonata’s MPI engine provides extra care to the vehicle’s automatic gearbox that changes the meaning of the driver’s overall activities during car driving. Instead of geat liver, Hyundai has put buttons with different commands from reverse to drive, parking to handbrake button to power drive.

Power drive gives full power to an engine by stopping the echo fuel feature for gaining good speeds. Gearbox uses five different modes: Eco Fuel Mode, Custom Mode, Comfort Mode, Smart Mode, and Sport Mode.


Hyundai has provided the best available safety features in its Sonata Model. ABS Braking System, Hill Assist Control. All other safety features included in the Hyundai Sonata sedan are Electronic Stability Control, Auto Brake Hold, Electronic Parking Brake, and ISOFIX seat anchors for children’s seats.


Some main specifications are as follows. Note that Hyundai Sonata 2.0 and Hyundai Sonata 2.5 have four significant differences. One is Gross Vehicle weight in kilograms which falls under the vehicle’s Dimensions. The other three differences fall under the Engine: Displacement (cc), Max Power kW (HP)/rpm, and Max Torque N-m/rpm.

TypeHyundai Sonata 2.0Hyundai Sonata 2.5
Dimensions (Meter)4.9 x 1.860 x 1.445  4.9 x 1.860 x 1.445
Ground Clearance (mm)                                      155  155  
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 19601975
Minimum Turning Radius (m) 5.48  5.48
Number of Doors44
Seating Capacity55
Luggage Compartment Capacity (Ltr.) 510510
Fuel TypePetrolPetrol
Displacement (cc)19992497
Max Power kW (HP)/rpm115 (152)/6200132 (180)/6000
Max Torque N-m/rpm192/4500232/4000
Engine TypeDOHC 16-Valve w/ Dual CVVTSmart Stream 2.5 MPi

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Hyundai Nishat Motors manufactures three types of different models. One compact crossover SUV and a Light commercial vehicle/light truck. Hyundai Nishat Motor launched Hyundai Sonata luxurious sedan in mid of 2019. This vehicle has taken the grip of Pakistan’s Automobile market.

Hyundai Nishat Motors has provided the Pakistani nation with a chance to enjoy the feel of luxurious car usage. They have provided the latest technologies in the Hyundai Sonata sedan, available only in imported cars. An engine with MPI technology, Safety sensors, five different driving modes, etc.

Hyundai Motors has made a decision that has changed the world around us. This Korean company had shown its Trust in us that now the world can provide us with expertise in different fields. Their Trust has given us the unique opportunity to manufacture the latest vehicles in our own country.


Is Hyundai Sonata discontinued in Pakistan?

No, Hyundai Sonata is not discontinued in Pakistan.

Is Hyundai Sonata rear-wheel drive?

No, Hyundai Sonata is a front-wheel drive.