Honda City unveils the returnee Hatchback variant

Honda recently updated its flagship sub-compact sedan car City in its Seventh generation since November 25, 2019 in Thailand. It shares the platform with Fourth generation Fit/Jazz and slightly larger than Ninth Generation Civic Sedan but still marketed and priced as a subcompact or B-segment car.

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Countries where new Honda City currently produced

Currently, there are 7 countries where this car is being produced including India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa(as Honda Ballade) & Malaysia, India in parallel still continues the production of Sixth generation car alongside this newly launched Seventh-generation counterpart as in India it continues to be a popular model with its contemporary styling and is also BS-6 compliant, Stated by Mr. Rajesh Goel, Sr. Vice President and Director, Marketing & Sales, Honda Cars India Ltd.

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City as Hatchback

Now let’s talk about City as Hatchback but This is not the first time it happens. Honda City was available only as a hatchback in Starting 2 generations till Third Generation when Honda positioned this car into 4-door Sub-compact sedan for developing markets in Asia excepting Japan as it was succeeded by Honda Logo & Honda Capa. City Hatchback was launched in November 2020 and produced in the Philippines, Thailand & Indonesia replacing Fit/Jazz in the market.

Size of Interior

Despite being Hatchback, offers more legroom than the sedan and offers the Ultra Seats carried from the Fit/Jazz and HR-V, allowing for four rear seat arrangements – utility, long, tall and refresh modes.


Brands like Honda or Toyota within the Pakistan Market hadn’t looked up towards the local production of any hatchback segment car as they’ve only relied upon Sedans, SUVs & Pickup. What do you feel after seeing this returnee/revelation as a Hatchback variant of this Iconic Sub-Compact? Feel free to share your views in the comments section whether you like it or not. And Stay tuned for the next updates.