Honda Civic Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures

2023 Honda Civic Price in Pakistan

Here you can see all the prices of all the variants of the Honda Civic in Pakistan.

(Price Updated on 1 Nov 2023)
VariantsNew Price
Honda Civic Standard price in PakistanRs. 8,599,000
Honda Civic Oriel price in PakistanRs. 8,949,000
Honda Civic RS price in PakistanRs. 10,199,000
Civic’s Price

Above you guys can see all the prices of all the variants of the Honda Civic. Honda is offering 3 years or 75,000 KM warranty.

Honda is one of the most famous car brands in the world and Honda cars are also very famous in Pakistan. Honda Civic is one of the most selling cars of Honda in Pakistan. So in this article, we will tell you everything about CIVIC, like its Overview, design, features, and Honda Civic Price in Pakistan.

Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan (HACP) is a joint venture with Honda Motors of Japan. HACP has been a leading car manufacturer in Pakistan since 1992. Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan manufactures various Honda cars under license, including Honda City, Honda Civic, and Honda Accord.

Honda Civic is the most popular Honda car in Pakistan due to its features and new attractive designs. According to Honda Atlas Car Pakistan, the Honda Civic is the car model that has surpassed all their expectations in sales. The Pakistani nation has shown keen interest in this model compared to other models. Honda Atlas Car offers three different models in the Pakistani automobile market.

Honda Civic Standard, Honda Civic Oriel, and Honda Civic RS. Each of these models has almost the same features except for some unique features. Nowadays, Honda Atlas is marketing for their 11th generation Honda civic in Pakistan and has started to sell their first Honda Civic model on March 5, 2022.

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Honda Civic Pictures

  • New Honda Civic Sidelook
  • New Honda Civic Frontlook
  • New Honda Civic Interior

Honda Civic Models

Let’s discuss a little bit of all of these three models separately.

Honda Civic Standard

Honda Civic Standard is the model that targets the public who can afford the new vehicle with its standard features. According to Honda Atlas, they use DOHC, Dual VTC, and EXH-VTec engines in this model. This engine has a displacement of 1498 cc, with (KW(HP)/RPM) is (95(127)/5500~6000), and the values of torque (Nm(Kg-m)/RPM) stand at 180, 18.4 / 1700 ~4500. Honda Standard Civic has the transmission of the M-CVT category.

The frontal suspension uses Macpherson with stabilizers. Honda Civic Standard uses Rack and Pinion gear system with electric power steering.

This model equips SRS bags for emergency events. These standard models have optional features, such as a 9′ navigational screen with a front, rear, and web camera.

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Honda Civic Oriel

Honda Civic Oriel comes with some star features not available in the Honda Civic Standard edition. TheHonda Atlas uses the same Honda Civic Standard’s engine, DOHC, Dual VTC, and EXH-VTec engines in this model. This engine has a displacement of 1498 cc, with (KW(HP)/RPM) is (95(127)/5500~6000), and the values of torque (Nm(Kg-m)/RPM) stand at 180, 18.4 / 1700 ~4500. Honda Oriel Civic has the transmission of the M-CVT category.

The Fuel supply system is the same as the Standard Edition (PGM FI). Paddle Shifter is not available in both Honda Civic Standard & Oriel models. Honda’s most notable feature, Honda sensing, is also unavailable in this Oriel model. Features such as auto door lock at high speed, driver attention monitor, emergency stop signal, and hill start assist systems are available in Oriel models.

Honda Civic RS

Honda Atlas offers some of its most modern facilities in these RS models, which put this model on the top by price and features. Honda Atlas uses the same engine in this model,i.e., DOHC, Dual VTC, and EXH-VTec engine with a displacement of 1498cc. But the power of this engine (KW(HP)/RPM) is (131(176)6000) with torque (Nm(kg-m)/RPM) is stand at (220(22.4)/4500~5500). Honda Civic RS comes with a transmission type of LL-CVT.

All other unique systems lacking in Honda Civic, Standard, and Oriel models include adaptive cruise control, leather seat, black painted trunk spoilers, RS Emblem FR/RR, auto headlamps, high beam, and light adjustments. Tall mount stop lamps are available in the Honda Civic RS model with Honda sensing using different sensors fitted all around the car.

Honda Atlas offers Honda Civic to its customers. This Civic has three variants, Standard, Oriel, and RS. All of these variants have some standard features available in all three models.

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Honda Civic Features:


The overall design of the headlamps is the same in all three models, with minor differences in their main headlamps. The Honda Civic Standard and Oriel models use headlamps with halogen lamps. These are project lamps that project light with the help of their background surface.

In the Honda Civic RS variant, these headlamps use LED lights which are very bright with less power consumption. Civic RS also has an auto feature for light adjustments, high beams, etc. Civic RS also uses LED fog lamps which come in handy in the foggy season in Pakistan.


All the Honda Civic variants use a two-part divided frontal grille. The first part is the lower part of the bonnet and the second part of the grille fits in the frontal bumper with fixed fog lamps on both sides.

Tail Lamps:

In all variants, taillamps are using such angles that, when coming into use, spread their light at much wider angles. So the rear driver can see the situation clearly and stop his car at the proper distance. Civic RS uses LED taillamps, and Taillamps use so that half-light is on the fixed body and half specifies on the trunk.

Sun Roof:

All variants have a sunroof with two features. One is sliding to full open of the roof, and one element is to slightly open upwards from the backside of the sunroof for fresh air.

Tires & Rims:

All variants use 17 inches of alloy rims which come in different designs, and the tire size is 215/55/R16. These tires are available all over the market in Pakistan.

Honda Sensing System:

Honda Atlas offers its unique sensing system in its Honda Civic RS variant. This system works with the help of different sensors fixed on all sides of the car, and through a computer system, they guide the driver to take action.

7″ & 9″ Android Touch Screen:

In Honda Civic Standard and Oriel have a 7″ android-based touch screen with many functions. The Honda Civic RS has a 9″ android touch screen with the same features. The quality of the Honda sensing system is only available in the RS variant.


In Honda Civic, Standard seats use fabric material. Still, in the Oriel variant, these are made of high-grade materials. In Honda Civic, RS seats use high-quality leather. These leather seats are much more comfortable than all other seats.

Dual AC System:

Honda Civic offers dual-zone air-conditioning controls in all variants. It’s easy to set the ac settings, and then for the rest of the journey, AC will change the settings according to cabin temperature.


which honda civic has a sunroof in Pakistan?

The Honda Civic standard doesn’t have a sunroof. But Civic Oriel and RS have a sunroof.

which honda civic has paddle shifters in Pakistan?

Only Honda Civic RS has paddle shifters. But, the other 2 variants don’t have.

which honda civic has leather seats?

Honda Civic Oriel and RS have Hi-grade leather seats. But, Honda Civic Standard has only fabric seats.