Audi A8 Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices of the Audi A8 in Pakistan.

Audi A8 Price in PakistanBetween 30 to 40 million PKR
Audi A8’s Price

Audi A8 2021 is considered to be one of the most significant cars. It is a luxury car manufactured in 1994 by German Manufacturers. It costs $86,500, approximately 16,063,050pkr, which is expensive enough to buy.

Audi A8 has the most standard features and specifications, attracting Audi lovers to buy this expensive car. Audi A8 and Audi S8 are almost the exact dimensions and wheelbase. The maintenance and repair of the Audi A8 cost $9895, which is approximately 18,37,501pkr.

Audi A8 is similar to BMW 7 Series, M5, Mercedes-Benz-S-class, and Lexus LS, all of these have the most standard features and are very expensive. But if we compare Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series, there is not that much difference between them.

Audi A8 Pictures:

  • Audi A8 Pakistan
  • Audi A8 Interior

Generations of Audi A8:

Audi A8 has been built in four generations. Let us discuss them;

First Generation:

D2 built typ 4D in first-generation from 1994 to 2002. It was designed in two body styles; Audi A8, a standard wheelbase, and Audi A8 L, a long wheelbase. It came with all the best features and became the competitor of Mercedes-Benz-S-class and BMW7Series.

Second Generation:

D3, Typ 4E was built in second-generation from 2002 to 2009. The controls of this generation were nearer to the driver so that he may drive more focused and comfortably. Its new interior and exterior designs worked well, and its engine came with plenty of options.

Third Generation:

D4 Typ 4H was built in the third generation from 2011 to 2017. D4 came with plenty of new features and specifications, and it was based on the Volkswagen Group MLB platform. A8 L of this generation was the first Audi A8 to be launched in India in 2011.

Fourth Generation:

D4 Typ 4N was built in the fourth generation from 2018 onwards. It was launched in 2018, but it was unveiled earlier in India, and its starting price was 1.56 crore in New Delhi. The fourth generation of the Audi A8 contains various new features and specifications, including its dimensions, engine and fuel performance, interior-exterior designs, etc.

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Audi A8 Features:

There are many features of the Audi A8. Let us discuss them;

Knee Airbags:

Knee Airbags are one of the best features of the Audi A8. These airbags are located at the lower end to protect the leg injuries. Eight airbags are present in the Audi A8 to protect the drivers and passengers from severe injuries to the head, neck, and legs.

Speed Limit Warning:

Audi A8 has the facility of Speed Limit Warning, which alerts the driver to limit his driving speed. If the driver is outstanding the speed limit, then the speed limit system alerts the driver to drive within the limits.

Child Safety Locks:

Child Safety Lock is located on the car’s rear doors, which prevents the child from unlocking the car doors. If the child safety lock is not available in the vehicle, there is a risk of the child opening the door and falling from the car. That’s why the Audi A8 has the feature of child safety locks to prevent children from injuries.

Central Locking System:

Central Locking System Audi A8 is used when the driver locks his car door, and then at the same time, it closes all the doors of the cars. Its benefit is that any one of the doors will not remain unlocked, and all the doors of the car lock and unlock at the same time by the central locking system.

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Door Ajar Warning:

The Door Ajar Warning feature is available in the Audi A8, which lights up if any doors are opened. This Ajar warning light is located on the instrument panel. If any door is open, the light is turned on and warns the door, and when all the doors are shut, the light turns off.

Adjustable Seats:

Audi A8 has the facility of adjusting seats. Adjustable front seats are both for passengers and drivers. A driver or passenger can quickly move the seat forward, backward, or up. These sets give both the persons sitting in the front seats more comfortable.

Engine Check Warning:

Engine Check Warning device is available in the Audi A8, which detects any problem in the engine. Whether the crash is minor or not, the Engine Check Warning device lights up if there is any detection.

Anti-Theft Alarm:

An anti-Theft Alarm is used when your vehicle is stolen. It is one of the best features of the Audi A8. If your Anti-theft Alarm is turned on and your car is stolen, you can quickly locate your vehicle. It works like a GPS locator.

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Audi A8 Specifications:

Audi A8 Specification
Engine TypeV6 Petrol Engine
Displacement (cc)2995
Number of cylinders6
Valves per cylinder4
Maximum Power335.2@5000-6400
Maximum Torque500Nm@1370-4500
Gear Box8-Speed
Fuel Supply SystemTFSI
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Drive TypeAWD
Fuel & Performance
Fuel TypePetrol
Fuel Tank Capacity72.0 likes
Emission Norm ComplianceBS VI
Mileage (ARAI)11.7
Kerb Weight2030 kg
Gross Weight2755 kg
Rear headroom995 mm
Front Headroom1051 mm
Length5302 mm
Width1945 mm
Height1485 mm
Number of doors4
Seating Capacity5
Wheel Base3127 mm
Audi A8 Specs