Audi A4 Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices of the Audi A4 in Pakistan.

Audi A4 Price in PakistanBetween 8 to 12 million PKR
Audi A4’s Price

THE Audi A4 stands for Audi, and the 4 stands for 4 cylinders. It was developed in 1994 by a German car manufacturer. It was built in five generations and was the first model in the Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen Group is considered one of the world’s largest manufacturers group of vehicles and automobiles, and these are German automobiles and commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Generations of Audi A4:

Audi A4 has been developed in five generations, as we discussed above also, but here we are going to know the dates and models in which generation Audi was manufactured;

Generation 1:

Audi A4 Sedan B5 was built in the first generation from 1997 to 1998. Another Audi A4 Sedan B5 Facelift was constructed from 1999 to 2001. Both were the same, with the same features and specifications but different in facelifts.

Generation 2:

Audi A4 Sedan B6 was built in the second generation from 2002 to 2005. This model of Audi A4 belongs to an entry-level luxury car, and it is a compact executive car class.

Generation 3:

Audi A4 Sedan B7 was built in the third generation from 2006 to 2008. It is a redesigned style of the Sedan B6, but the difference is that it is relatively more modern than the Audi A4 of the second generation.

Generation 4:

Audi A4 Sedan B8 was built in the fourth generation from 2009 to 2012. Another Audi A4 Sedan B8 Facelift was constructed from 2013 to 2016. These models are redesigned models of Sedan B7. These are highly reliable and wholly updated models.

Generation 5:

Audi A4 Sedan B9 was built in the fifth generation from 2017 to 2019. German Manufacturers made another Audi A4 Sedan B9 Facelift from 2019-present. These models brought the refreshed of Audi. These models also belong to the compact executive car class.

Audi A4 Pictures:

  • AUDI A4
  • AUDI A4 Interior

Audi A4 Variants:

Audi A4 has three variants Premium, Premium Plus, and Technology. Let us discuss them;

Audi A4 Premium:

The Audi A4 Premium package is for those people who afford to buy a small luxury car. It contains 4 cylinders, and it is an automatic car. Its engine was displayed in 1997. This package includes heated seats, and its seating capacity is five persons can sit in Audi A4 premium. The mileage of this premium package car is 17.42 km.

If we look at its max power and max torque, its max power is 187.74bhp@4200-6000, and its max torque is 320nm@1450-4200. Audi A4 Premium can only use petrol, and its fuel capacity is 54.0. It has a multi-functional steering wheel and alloy wheel along with wheel covers. It also has the facility of the airbag to protect the driver from severe head and chest injury.

Audi A4 Premium Plus:

The Audi A4 Premium Plus package is very costly and has more standard features. Its engine was displayed in 1998. All specifications are exact, as are the critical specifications of the premium package.

It also has a multi-functional steering wheel and alloy wheels, but it does not have wheel covers. It also has the driver airbag and the passenger airbag to protect the drivers and passengers from injuries. Audi A4 Premium Plus has a start-stop button on its engine, and its automatic climate control is 3 zone.

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Audi A4 Technology:

The Audi A4 Technology package is the top-selling variant of the Audi A4. This Audi Tech Pack has a navigation and internet facility to access information and entertainment services. It provides us with a subscription of 36 months which is three years.

Its engine was also displayed in 1998 and had the exact critical specifications as the Premium and Premium Plus packages. It also has a multi-functional steering wheel and alloy wheel but does not have wheel covers. It has an anti-lock braking system, and its automatic climate control is 3 zone.

Audi A4 Features:

Some of the features of the Audi A4 are written below:

Power Steering:

The power steering in Audi A4 is used to adjust the driving speed. At a low rate, it provides us with easier movability. It uses separate motor power, and it is an automotive system.

Driver and Passenger Airbag:

Audi A4 has the facility of airbag in it. These airbags shorten the risk of injuries and protect the driver and passenger from head and neck injuries.

Anti-Lock Braking System:

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), as its name, shows that it stops the wheels and brakes from locking up, and it also assists you in maintaining the grip of your car.

Alloy Wheels:

Audi A4 wheels are made up of alloy, which is more expensive than regular wheels. These alloy wheels are of lesser weight which means it provides quicker acceleration.

Power Windows Front:

Audi A4 has the facility of power windows front in it. These windows can be opened or closed with the help of buttons. It has an immediate sensing system and was introduced in 1941.

Fog Light:

The fog lights in Audi A4 are located beneath the headlights on the front. Fog Light or Fog Lamps are small and available in black and round shapes.

Audi A4 Specifications:

Audi A4 Specifications
Number of Doors4
Front Headroom1039 mm
Rear Headroom953 mm
Gross Weight2145 kg
Kerb Weight1555 kg
Rear Tread1555 mm
Front Tread1572 mm
Wheel Base2819 mm
Seating Capacity5
Boot Space460 liters
Height1433 mm
Width1847 mm
Length4762 mm
Engine Type2.0 L TFSI petrol engine
Displacement (cc)1998
Max Power187.74bhp@4200-6000
Max Torque320nm@1450-4200
Motor Type12V Mild-Hybrid
Transmission TypeAutomatic
No of cylinder4
Gear Box7-speed Stronic