Audi A7 Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices of the Audi A7 in Pakistan.

Audi A7 Price in PakistanBetween 30 to 35 million PKR
Audi A7’s Price

Audi A7 was produced in 2010, in Germany, in the city Neckarsulm and is an executive car. It is considered the world’s best luxury car because of its standard features, including engine and fuel performance, cargo space, and good reliability.

It costs about $9824 to repair the Audi A7. The best year for the Audi A7 was 2017, as Audi launched’s reasonable prices and performance. This year was considered the best year for Audi lovers as other years contain low mileage.

In 2019, Audi A7 was designed with new features and styles. It is bigger and more significant than Mercedes. Audi A7 is shorter than BMW, but both (BMW and Audi A7) are highly reliable.

Audi A7 Pictures:

  • Audi A7
  • Audi A7 Interior

Audi A7 Variants:

Audi A7 consists of two variants;

  • Audi A7 Premium
  • Audi A7 Premium Plus
  • Audi A7 Prestige

Let us discuss them;

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Audi A7 Premium:

The Audi A7 Premium Package includes many impressive features in it. Its starting price was $69,200 which is approximately 12,860,128pkr. Only people with good jobs and salaries can afford to buy this Premium package of Audi A7.

It has Navigation Plus with Audi Connect and Bluetooth facility with Audi Sound System. This package has the facility of a Power tilt Steering Wheel which adjust the height of the driver’s seat so that he may drive comfortably and with more focus. Its Automatic Climate Control is three-zone. Audi A7 Premium has the Power Panoramic Sunroof on the car’s roof. It is not that much strong as compared to the conventional top.

The Audi A7 Premium package has leather seats and heated front seats. It has many other features, including dynamic suspension, power tailgate, Audi advanced key, Audi pre sense, Lane departure warning, etc.

Audi A7 Premium Plus:

Audi A7 Premium Plus costs for $75,445 which is approximately 14,010,136pkr. It has more standard features than the Audi A7 Premium package. Its standard luxuries include heated front seats, leather seats, and a panoramic sunroof.

Its automatic climate control is four-zone. It has the facility of all-wheel drive, which maintains the wheels’ grip if the car takes turns quickly. Its horsepower is 333hp@5300rpm, and its maximum torque is 325Ib. ft@2900rpm. Its seating capacity is five persons can sit in the Audi A7 Premium Plus, and its basic warranty is four years.

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Audi A7 Prestige:

The Audi A7 Prestige package has more standard features than the Premium and Premium Plus packages. Most of the features and specifications are the same as Premium Plus. Its starting price was &78,350, which is approximately 14,549,595pkr.

Prestige Package has ventilated front seats and heated rear seats. Its Automatic Climate Control is quad-zone and has the facility of traffic sign recognition in which the vehicle automatically recognizes the traffic signs on the road. This package also provides the facility of a head-up display, which is known as HUD, and it is a transparent glass that helps the driver to maintain all his focus on the viewpoint,

The Audi A7 Prestige package has the night vision assist feature, which detects any animal or human on the road. If the driver cannot see any animal on the street, the night vision assist helps detect and sound alert.

Audi A7 Specifications:

Audi A7 Specification
Engine TypeQuattro Engine
Displacement (cc)2967
Number of cylinders6
Valves per cylinder4
Maximum Power241.4bhp@4000-4500rpm
Maximum Torque500Nm@1400-3250rpm
Gear Box7 Speed S Tronic
Fuel Supply SystemCommon Rail Injection
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Drive TypeAWD
Fuel & Performance
Fuel TypePetrol
Fuel Tank Capacity65.0 liters
Emission Norm ComplianceBS VI
Top Speed (kmph)250 km/hr
Kerb Weight1860 kg
Gross Weight2395 kg
Rear headroom944 mm
Front Headroom1028 mm
Front Tread1644 mm
Rear Tread1635 mm
Length4969 mm
Width2139 mm
Height1420 mm
Number of doors4
Seating Capacity5
Boot Space535 liters
Wheel Base2914 mm

Features of Audi A7:

There are many features of the Audi A7. Let us discuss them;

Automatic Headlights:

Automatic Headlights are one of the best features of the Audi A7, which automatically switch on the headlights in the dark, so there is no need for a driver to press the manual button to switch on or off the headlights.

Impact Sensors:

An impact Sensor is also available in the Audi A7, located on the front of the car. It is also known as crash sensors. When a crash happens, its primary function is to sense the driver’s and passengers’ airbags to protect themselves from any serious accident.

Anti-theft Device:

Anti-theft device facility is available in the Audi A7. If this device is turned on in the car, the owner can easily trace the vehicle’s location if stolen. It works as GPS.

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Adjustable Seats:

Any small motor or joystick controls adjustable Seats in the Audi A7. The driver can easily adjust his seat in case of any tiredness. By changing the center, the driver can drive the car comfortably. This facility is for the driver, but the front seat passenger can also adjust the seat.

Seat Belt Indicator:

The Seat Belt Warning button is available in the Audi A7, which alerts the driver if the seatbelt is not fastened. The light starts flashing, and it alerts the driver and passengers to fasten their seatbelts. The seatbelt sensor button is located on the buckle on both the front seats.