Toyota Company has Increased Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan ( 2020 )

The Pakistani government is like a turtle, who runs slow and sleeps more. Pakistani people always want rules and regulations for the Pakistani Auto-Market from the Pakistani government, but there is no one in Pakistan who hears the voice of Pakistani people.

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In Pakistan, Every company has been increasing the car prices of their in the name of rupee devaluation. But this time rupee is not depreciated but still Toyota Company has increased the 40,000 PKR price of Toyota Yaris. Below you guys can see the new and old prices of Toyota Yaris in Pakistan.

VariantOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Yaris 1.3 GLI MT2,469,0002,509,00040,000
Yaris 1.3 GLI CVT2,649,0002,689,00040,000
Yaris 1.3 ATIV MT2,579,0002,619,00040,000
Yaris 1.3 ATIV CVT2,729,0002,769,00040,000
Yaris 1.5 ATIV X MT2,789,0002,829,00040,000
Yaris 1.5 ATIV X CVT2,959,0002,999,00040,000

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