KIA Motor is planning to launch KIA Sorento in Pakistan ( 2020 )

If we compare KIA Company and Hyundai Company. Hyundai Company is a much more big company than KIA Company and Pakistani People had so much expectation from the Hyundai Company. But the Hyundai Company is not delivering what Pakistani People was Expecting.

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On the other hand, KIA Company is doing good in Pakistan. Last year KIA Motors had launched their first vehicle in Pakistan, that Vehicle was KIA Sportage. After that KIA Motors had also launched KIA Carnival and KIA Picanto. Now we have heard the news, that KIA Motor is Planning to launch KIA Sorento in Pakistan. Let’s talk about this Beauty.

KIA Sorento Pakistan

Kia Sorento is a very beautiful and aggressive looking SUV. Although Kia Sportage is a Crossover vehicle but we can say that Kia Sorento is a kind of Upper Variant of KIA Sportage, which has more height, more seats, and a more powerful engine.

KIA Sorento comes with the signature grill of KIA Motors. Due to this Signature grill of KIA Motors, KIA Sorento looks more aggressive on the front side. if we talk about KIA Sorento Interior, The KIA Sorento dashboard is very simple which looks like a KIA Sportage Dashboard. Below you guys can see the picture of the KIA Sorento dashboard.

KIA Sorento Specification

In the above we already told you that KIA Sorento has more height and width than KIA Sportage which means, KIA Sorento should have a big engine. In the International market, KIA Sorento comes with 4 different engines. 2 engines are diesel-based and 2 engines are Petrol-based.

According to Our sources, In Pakistan, KIA Sorento will come with a 2.4 Litre Petrol engine or 3.5 Litre Petrol engine. Below you guys can see the Power Strain of these engines.

Engine name
Max. Power (ps / rpm)
2.4 MPI Gasoline engine3.5 MPI Gasoline engine
172 / 6,000280 / 6,300

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KIA Sorento Price and Launch date in Pakistan

Let’s first talk about why KIA Lucky Motor is Launching KIA Sorento in Pakistan then we will talk about KIA Sorento Price. Basically KIA Lucky Motor is trying to explore the Price bracket of 6 to 8 million. Currently, there is no SUV in this range so KIA Lucky Motor wants to capture this market.

Now Let’s talk about KIA Sorento Price, According to our sources, The price of KIA Sorento will be around 6.5 to 7 million in Pakistan. Now let’s talk about the launch date of KIA Sorento in Pakistan. According to our source, KIA Motor is planning to launch KIA Sorento at the end of this year or might be early of 2021. Stay tuned with us for more news.

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