KIA is also Planning to launch KIA Seltos in Pakistan

As we already told you that KIA motor is planning to launch KIA Sorento in Pakistan at the end of 2020. Now we have also heard that KIA Motor is also planning to launch a compact SUV in Pakistan.

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KIA Motor is more interested to cover the SUV and compact SUV market in Pakistan rather than the Sedan or hatchback market. There are only 2 compact SUV’s that KIA Motor can launch in Pakistan. One is KIA Seltos and the second one is KIA Sonet, But there are high chances that KIA Motor will Launch KIA Seltos in Pakistan. Let’s talk about this Beauty.

KIA Seltos Pakistan

KIA Seltos is a very beautiful compact SUV, which is a very popular Compact SUV in India. The front design of KIA Seltos is very aggressive and beautiful. On the front side of KIA Seltos, we get a signature grill of KIA Motors.

On the other side, if we talk about KIA Seltos interior design, we can see that KIA Seltos interior is very modern and beautiful. KIA Seltos dashboard comes with many advanced features like climate control AC, LCD, and steering with buttons.

KIA Seltos Specification

In the international market, there are three different engines available. one engine is a 1.4 turbo engine, the second engine is a 1.5 petrol-based, and the third engine is 1.5 diesel-based. But there are high chances that KIA Seltos in Pakistan only comes with a 1.5 petrol engine, which produced 113 horsepower and 240 NM. In Pakistan KIA Seltos will come with both automatic and manual transmission.

KIA Seltos Price and Launch date in Pakistan

Let’s first talk about why KIA Lucky Motor is Launching KIA Seltos in Pakistan then we will talk about KIA Seltos Price. Basically KIA Lucky Motor is trying to explore the Price bracket of 2.5 to 3.5 million. Currently, there is no compact SUV in this range so KIA Lucky Motor wants to capture this market. Basically KIA Seltos will compete with Toyota Yaris and Honda city in Pakistan.

Now Let’s talk about KIA Seltos Price, According to our sources, The price of KIA Seltos in Pakistan will be between 2.5 to 3.5 million. Now let’s talk about the launch date of KIA Seltos in Pakistan. According to our source, KIA Motor is planning to launch KIA Seltos in the first half of 2021. Stay tuned with us for more news.


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