Jolta Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices for the 2023 Jolta Electric Bicycle in Pakistan.

(Price Updated on 1 Nov 2023)
Jolta Electric Cycle Price in PakistanPKR. 42,500/-
Electric Bicycle’s Price

Many of you might have heard about Jolta electric bikes in Pakistan. But, do you know that the Jolta company also offers an electric bicycle in Pakistan? Yes, you hear it right. Jolta Pakistan is offering an electric bicycle in only 1 variant/model. So, in this article, we will tell you about electric bicycle design, specs, features, and Jolta electric bicycle prices in Pakistan.

Jolta Pakistan is the only Pakistani company that is making electric vehicles in Pakistan. Currently, Jolta company is only offering 2-wheeler vehicles like (Electric bikes, Electric bicycles, and Electric Scooty). According to Jolta company, in the future, the company will launch more electric bikes including sports bikes. Currently, Jolta electric bicycle is only available in 1 model and that model is called the “Jolta JE-CYCLE“.

Jolta JE-Cycle

  • Jolta JE-Cycle in Pakistan

The design of this JE-Cycle is very simple and elegant. Most cycle lovers will love this bicycle design. Now, let’s talk about the specs of this bicycle. According to Jolta’s website, this cycle has a 12 AH battery with a 250-watt electric motor.

The best thing about this battery, it comes with Lithium-Ion technology. This battery can be fully charged in 3 hours. With a fully charged battery, this bicycle can cover 30 30-kilometer distance with a maximum speed of 35 KM/H.

There are 2 bad things about this bicycle. The first one is that it doesn’t have disk brakes, and the second one is that it comes with an expensive price tag. At this price, people can get a very good second-hand Chinese 70cc petrol bike in Pakistan.

If you don’t have any issue with the price, you should buy this bicycle. It is a very good bicycle for exercise and short distances. It also eliminates the range’s anxiety issue, because if your bicycle doesn’t have any battery, you can use paddles and go to your destination.