United 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest prices of the 2023 United 70 in Pakistan.

(Price Updated on 1 Nov 2023)
United 70 Price in PakistanRs. 109,500
United 70 Price

After the Honda Company, United Company is the second most famous and demanded bike brand in Pakistan. Although United Bikes is considered Chinese bikes, still this company managed to claim the second position among most selling bike companies in Pakistan.

According to PAMA stats, every month, the United company sells between 10 to 20 thousand bikes in Pakistan. According to our analyst, most people buy United 70 in Pakistan. People buy a United bike because it is cheaper than Honda CD 70 in Pakistan. Now let’s talk about United US 70 specs and features.

United US 70 Pictures

  • United 70

United 70 Design

In Pakistan, every 70cc bike has the same design. Yes, you read it right. There are many bike companies in Pakistan, but no one has tried to make a new design for 70 Bikes. The only difference in every bike is in stickers. Every year, all companies introduce new stickers on their old-styled 70cc bikes. Personally, we don’t like these old-designed 70’s bikes.

Every month companies only change stickers because, in Pakistan, most people prefer practical bikes, and only a few people prefer better-designed bikes. There is no doubt, that the United 70 is a very practical bike. United Company is also a very reliable company. According to public reviews, It is the best Chinese bike company in Pakistan.

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United US 70 Specification

Specification US 70CC
Engine Type4-Stroke OHC Single Cylinder cooled by Air
Front/Rear BrakesDrum Mechanical
Starting SystemArm Assy Kick
Fuel Tank Capacity8.5 Litre
Tyre Front2.25-17/4PR
Tyre Rear2.50-17/4PR
Battery12 Volt
Engine Oil0.7 Litre
United US 70 Specs

2023 United US 70 Features

The quality of bikes is the main concern in Chinese bikes. But, according to United Motorcycles’s website, in the 2023 US 70 model, the company has improved its bike quality. Let’s talk about those parts of a bike, where the United company has improved its bike quality.

Engine Cooling:

In the 2023 model, the United company has used an aluminium cylinder body with a cast iron sleeve for engine cooling.

Improved Chrome:

Better Chrome means a better-looking bike. So, United company has also claimed that in 2023 United 70cc bike, the company has improved the chrome of various parts of bikes. These are the parts, where the company has improved the quality of its chrome (Handle Bar, Front and Rear Fenders, Front and Rear Rims, Bolts, Brake Paddle, Gear Lever, and Big/Small cover).

Axle Improvement:

In the new 70 models, the United company has also improved the 70’s front/back/centre/engine Axle.

Paint Quality:

According to United Motorcycles’ official website, in the new model, the company has also improved paint quality.

Improved Hardware:

The company has also improved the quality of cables and seats of the new United 70 model.