Changan Karvaan Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Here you can see all the prices of all the variants of Changan Karvaan in Pakistan(Price updated on 18 March 2023)

VariantsNew Prices
Changan Karvaan Price in PakistanRs. 2,779,000
Changan Karvaan Plus Price in PakistanRs. 2,929,000
Karvaan’s Prices

Changan Karvaan is a product of Master Changan Motors Limited, a joint venture of Changan Automobile China and Master Motors Corporation Pakistan. MCM Ltd has offered two models for their Changam Karvaan, i.e., Karvaan standard and Karvaan Plus.

Karvaan falls under the category Mid-Sized-Van. Rear side doors are sliding in nature; Karvaan has manual transmission with five-speed gears. MCM Ltd has launched the Changan Karvaan vehicles in four colors, Full Black, Grey, Silver, and White.

MCM Ltd. has the vision to introduce its products to all classes of Pakistan. As per open-source reports, it is essential to note that, It is company policy to target the middle class of Pakistan. They have managed to bring those models to Pakistan, which will help this class.

According to MCM Ltd, they have a clear vision of introducing vehicles in Pakistan with the minimum possible price tag for the automobile market. So people can easily buy them. Overall resale values of Changan’s Karvaan are pretty good.

Changan Karvaan Pictures

  • Changan Karvaan Exterior
  • Changan Karvaan Interior

Changan Karvaan Models

MCM Ltd. has introduced two models for their Karvaan MPVs. Both models have the same features with some minor differences, and let’s look at them.

Changan Karvaan Standard

Changan Karvaan Standard is the primary basic model for the Karvaan series of vehicles. It has a displacement of 999, with an FWD 5-speed manual transmission system. Its Maximum Rated Power (hp @ rpm) is 68 @ 6000 RPM with Maximum Rated Torque (Nm @ rpm) is 92 @ 4800 RPM.

Karvaan Standard can achieve a maximum speed of 120 Km per hour with 14 inches of standard tires. The company has fitted Front brake discs for the best brake performance. For parking brakes, you have a manual hand brake lever.

Other features include the foldable side view mirrors, and the seat belts have three points to ease the passengers. Passenger seats use delicate fabric plus thick foam for long life. Karvaan Standard has manual windows mechanism with the liver.

Changan Karvaan Plus

Changan Karvaan’s plus model has the same features as the Standard model except for minor differences. In this Karvaan model, the front two seats, the driver’s and side passenger have the powered windows option. Still, the remaining have the standard liver operation.

This Plus model has a keyless entry, so we don’t have to use keys to start the engine. Karvaan Plus offers a central locking system that is beneficial; this model has two cup holders in the center and two in the doors. Wheels have arch covers.

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Exterior Features:

Exterior features of Karvaan include:

  1. Changan’s Karvaan vehicle has fitted with Chrome Stylish Grille. These Grille designs provide enough ventilation for the radiator to cool down the engine. The grille contains a dual-wing plan.
  2. Karvaan MPVs use LED lights on their rear lamps like many other vehicles. These LEDs use very little power to consume, and this feature makes them of excellent quality.
  3. In Pakistan, we have a fog season which puts vehicle owners to halt their travels. To help in this situation, MCM Ltd has fitted low-cost Fog lamps that use LEDs. 
  4. Changan’s Karavaan uses two rear doors with a sliding design. This design benefits everyone, especially in heavy traffic when you need to get off the car. The regular doors obstruct traffic. 

Interior Features:

Interior features include in MCM Ltd’s Karavan series:

  1. The spacious cabin offers 6+1 people with one folding seat in the 3rd row. The prevalent distance among seats is quite decent compared to all other same grades of MPVs.
  2. MCM Ltd. offers an FM Radio with a USB port with AUX capability to enhance multimedia capabilities.
  3. Ergonomically climate control with five-way knob settings for air outlets, five-speed fan, and hot & cold air options.
  4. The Interior cabin and fittings colour have a soothing grey colour, which gives a sophisticated look.
  5. Air vents are stylish with a round design.


Performance includes all technicalities of the vehicle, which are as follows:

  1. MCM Ltd. has offered C-10 Engines in this Karvaan series of vehicles. The total output is 999 displacement, which is enough for this vehicle.
  2. Changan Karvaan comes with a manual transmission with 5x speed plus one reverse gear. The top of the gear liver uses a refined cushion-style foam cover with a grey colour.
  3. MCM Ltd. offers Front Macpherson struts suspensions for the tires that help vehicles ride smoothly on roads.
  4. Gasoline multi-point injection uses in the fuel system in Changan Karvaan’s both models.
  5. Cylinder arrangments use In-line 4 Cylinder OHC, which helps the engine and increases the engine’s long life.
  6. Standard wheel size of 14″ uses in these karvaan series for better availability in the market.
  7. The fuel tank capacity of this vehicle is 40 liters.
  8. The C-10 Engine gives about 12 kilometers per liter consumption of fuel.
  9. MCM Ltd. supports the idea to convert this vehicle series primary fuel from petrol to CNG, which would be more helpful to our people.
  10. These Karvaan series have a Kerb weight of 1140kgs.
  11. The mileage can reach up to 10 km/hr in city traffic, whereas it can reach 13 km/hr on highways.
  12. Wheel rim uses steel as a material and also uses wheel caps.
  13. Rack and Pinion’s electric motors are used in the steering of these vehicles.
  14. These vehicles use the front disc with a rear drum for brakes.
  15. These Karvaan use Dohc 16 valves in the valve mechanism.

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Specifications of Changan’s Karvaan are the same in both models but with minor differences. These differences are in the table below part after a blank box.

SpecificationsChangan Karvaan StandardChangan Karvaan Plus
Fuel SystemGasoline multi-point injectionGasoline multi-point injection
EngineC-10 Engines   C-10 Engines
Transmission5x Speed Manual5x Speed Manual
Maximum Speed120 km/hr120 km/hr
Body Dimension LxWxH(mm)3980x1620x18903980x1620x1890
Powered WindowsXO
Keyless EntryXO
Power SteeringXElectronic PS
Interior SchemeGreyBeige+Grey
Seating Capacity6+16+1
Fuel Tank (Liters)4040
Karvaan Specs


Is Changan karvaan automatic?

No, Changan Karvaan does not come with automatic transmission.

is Changan a reliable company?

Yes, It is a reliable company.

Is Changan a Pakistani company?

No, It is a Chinese company.

Who owns Changan in Pakistan?

Master motors own Changan company in Pakistan.