Pak Suzuki reports loss of Rs2.46 billion

It’s a bitter fact that cars in Pakistan are so expensive. Now Middle-class people can’t even think to buy a car in Pakistan. If we compare the car prices with 2018 car prices, we can see huge difference.

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It’s not only Pakistani people are suffering, Pakistan car companies are also suffering. Toyota, Honda and Suzuki are the big three car companies in Pakistan. These companies are facing huge losses in their sales and profit. So today we will talk about Pak Suzuki. Below you guys can see the sales figures of cars of Suzuki company.

Car ModelH1( 2019-20 )H2( 2019-20 )
Wagon R45462438

In the above table, you guys can see the huge difference in Car sales in H1 2019-20 ( July 2019 to December 2019 ) and H2 2019-20 ( January 2020 to June 2020 ). In the above table, we can see Suzuki Alto is suffering the most from its sales.

Although It’s a fact that Pakistan was in lockdown in April 2020 and there was no car sale in Pakistan in April 2020. if we deliberately count 3000 sales of Suzuki Alto in April 2020 even then we can say, there are half sales of Suzuki alto in H2 ( 2019-20 ).

We also can see that, there was half sales of Pak Suzuki all Cars except Suzuki Cultus and Bolan. So Pak Suzuki Motor Company reported a loss of Rs2.46 billion for the January-June period of 2020 on the back of increase in operating and gross losses as demand for cars remained low.