Finally, MG Motors has made the first locally assembled car in Pakistan

MG Motors has become a very famous car brand in Pakistan in very little time due to the Javed Afridi. Almost every week Javed Afridi has tweeted about the MG cars. Sometimes, Javed Afridi tweeted about the achievements of MG Motors and sometimes about the upcoming cars of MG Motors in Pakistan.

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Sometimes, MG Motors become in news due to the late deliveries of MG HS. But last week, Javed Afridi had tweeted about the MG Motors plant in Pakistan and shared some pictures of that plant. Today, Javed Afridi has tweeted 2 pictures of MG’s car. In that tweet, he claims that it’s the first locally assembled car of MG Motors in Pakistan. According to recent news, soon MG Motor’s will launch 3 more cars in Pakistan.