Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures


Below you guys can see the latest Prices of Honda Pridor in Pakistan.

(Price Updated on 1 Nov 2023)
Honda Pridor Price in PakistanRs. 208,900
Honda Pridor’s Price

Atlas Honda Ltd is marketing their Honda Pridor under the license from Honda Motors Japan. After the Honda CD 70 promised high sales, the Pakistani public showed interest in its products. Atlas Hond Ltd releases Honda Pridor in the Pakistani motorbike market.

This bike has a solid new engine with a higher displacement value, which provides a speedy ride and durability on roads compared to CD 70. Honda Pridor releases under the 100 cc engine type. This bike has a CD 70’s look but a different minor design and the wheels have wires for wheel balance. Atlas Honda Pridor comes with wheel mudguards.

Honda Pridor comes with a different configuration of seat style. The rear side of the passenger seat is slightly higher than the front passenger, and the fuel tank design remains the same as in CD 70. The Honda Pridor comes with a rectangular speedometer.

The fuel tank’s capacity is 9.7 liters of petrol plus 1.5 liters of reserve fuel. Atlas Honda offers starting mechanisms for this bike, i.e., kick start. A kickstart mechanism comes in three models of Atlas Honda product lines.

Honda Pridor comes in three different colors: red, black, and blue. It is essential to note that all three colors have one color in their design, but with stickers, it looks stylish. Atlas Honda has done a great job on their colors; their paint doesn’t get damaged in the hot sun.

Honda Pridor 100 Pictures

  • Honda Pridor Front
  • Honda Pridor Back
  • Honda Pridor Sidelook

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Honda Pridor 100 Features

Atlas Honda Pridor has many features compared to all previous product lines. Some of them are shown below.

Head Lamp

Atlas Honda uses bulbs in their Honda Pridor that throw light at long distances with high-quality silver reflectors fitted in the headlamp. As of the 2020s, the company provides an option to its customers to replace headlamps bulbs with more powerful LED lights as per what concerned authorities describe.


Atlas Honda Ltd offers this motorcycle a kickstart starting mechanism. In many modern motorcycles, only electric buttons are coming. But this model uses Only kickstart because it follows the basic design of the previous model of Honda CD 70, which also uses the kickstart.


Honda Pridor comes with a sports bike-like visor with a speedometer beneath it. The company uses only black-shaded clear plastic visors. Visor’s second part is the covering of the headlamp, which comes as the primary colour of the bike. These visors come in handy when there is rain while riding the bike, and it covers the bike’s speedometer from water.

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Foot Rests

Atlas Honda has fitted one footrest on both sides for both passengers. They make motorcycles with fixed footrests for the frontal person who controls the bike. Footrests for rear passengers are foldable upwards only, and these footrests come with top-quality rubber.


Honda Pridor comes with two types of stands, just like all other bikes. One of them is one piece of the solid stand liver with a strong spring that takes the bike’s total weight while the cycle is in the parking position of 45 degrees on the ground. This stand represents that a biker has parked his motorcycle temporarily on this spot and will return shortly.

Honda Pridor has a second stand with two concrete roads underneath the bike but slightly on the rear side towards the rear wheel, and it opens towards the front wheel side. When we use them, It is a universal message to all traffic and pedestrians that the biker has parked his bike and will return after a long period.

Easy Availability

Atlas Honda Ltd has one or two distributors in every major city in Pakistan, handling many dealerships in their respective cities. It is easy to sell all their motorcycle product lines through this vast distribution network.

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According to Atlas Honda Ltd, all customers need to change the engine oil regularly because this will enhance the life span of the bike and the engine. Also, reduce maintenance cost. It is in the customer’s interest to visit the Atlas Honda authorized service center every two months. These regular visits will indeed lessen the breakdown chances for your bike.

Genuine Parts

Atlas Honda Ltd is a local manufacturing company that provides low-cost genuine spare parts for its products. Most of the components are easily obtainable all across Pakistan. Every major city has one main Honda service center that provides every maintenance service for its brands.


Atlas Honda is offering a solid engine in this product line compared to the previous model of CD 70. This engine is 100 cc with four strokes, having OHC specifications with an air-cooling mechanism. This potent engine gives enough power to take the motorcyclist to the speed of 100km/hr in just under forty seconds.

This engine has a torque of 7.2 Nm@5500 RPM with 7.5 Horsepower @8500 RPM. With these values, you can see the overall quality of this bike and the speed this engine can handle. The engine’s bore and stroke values are 50.0 x 49.5 mm, with the compression value standing @ 9.0:1.


These Honda Pridors come in long-lasting paints with scratch-proof surfaces. These bikes come in colors like Red & Black, and Blue. With some extra stickers on both sides of the fuel tank, it gives a sophisticated look. The silencer has a black color on its exhaust pipe, and the external fitting has a shiny silver plate.

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Technical Specifications

Atlas Honda has upgraded its Honda CD 70 bike to this new model, so many specifications are the same in both bike models.

SpecificationsAtlas Honda Pridor
Displacement (Exact)97cc
Engine4-Stroke OHC Air-Cooled
Wheel Base1226 mm
Tire at Front2.75 – 18 (4 PR)
Tire at Back2.75 – 18 (6 PR)
Suspension at FrontTelescopic Fork 94 mm Travel
Suspension at BackSwing Arm 84 mm Travel
Fuel Tank Capacity9.7 Liters (Reserve 1.5 Liters)
Transmission4-Speed Constant Mesh
Dimensions(LxWxH)1986 x 718 x 1050 mm


Is the Honda Pridor a good bike?

Yes, Honda Pridor is a quite good bike.

Is Honda Pridor self-start?

No, it does not have a self-start.

What is the price of the Honda Pridor in Pakistan?

Currently, Honda Pridor has Rs. 170,900 price in Pakistan.

Which 100cc bike is best in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, in the 100cc bike category, there are not many options. But, Honda Pridor is the best 100cc bike in Pakistan.