Haval Jolion Price in Pakistan 2023 | Overview | Pictures

2023 Haval Jolion Price in Pakistan

Below you can see the price of Haval Jolion in Pakistan. (Price updated on 15th April 2022)

Haval Jolion Price in PakistanPKR 6,020,000
Jolion’s Price

The Jolion is a compact SUV that falls under the crossover category. They Launched the car in Pakistan on October 1, 2021. The Haval group of China shakes hands with Pakistan’s Sazgar Engineering to produce and market it. The car’s layout is the front engine with a front-wheel drive.

Haval Jolion comes with a 1.5T engine (4G15K). This engine has a maximum power of 110kw, which gives enough ability to run this SUV smoothly on the road. The maximum torque is 220NM. Haval Jolion uses 6x automatic transmission. The displacement (CC) of this engine is 1497

Haval Jolion has a maximum speed of 180km/hr, and this model can give us a mileage of about 10 km in the city. Still, on long journeys travelling on highways, it can give a mileage of around 13 to 15 km according to speed and all other affecting factors.

Haval Jolion Pictures

  • Haval Jolion Exterior
  • Haval Jolion Interior

Haval Jolion Model

Like many other companies, Haval is also trying to step into Pakistan’s automobile market. They released their first vehicle in Islamabad under their flag, and here are some details about this SUV.

Haval Jolion GWM

Haval Jolion releases on October 1, 2021, in Islamabad. Initially, they introduced it in two colours, Grey and Black. Haval Jolion uses a 1.5 L Turbo engine that provides up to 1497 displacement with the help of 220 Nm torque. This model has an automatic transmission with 7x speed.

Haval Jolion uses a Panoramic sunroof that provides sunlight to all passengers, including drivers. This roof benefits passengers in the winter season. Other features include the high-definition 360-degree camera view with the help of five cameras that are present on each side.

It also provides the facility of a wireless charger plus 2 USB ports on the rear side of passengers and one USB port in the Dashcam. Haval Jolion uses a Dual-zone climate control system. Another significant feature is the generation of a warning sound if the vehicle is on the way to a collision.

A 12.3” LCD infotainment screen is present on the vehicle’s dashboard. Jolion vehicle has a seating capacity of 5 persons, and this vehicle also uses a heads-up display for the driver.

Exterior Features:

Haval Jolion has many exterior features that make it a better choice to buy. Some of them are as under.

  • Haval Jolion comes with a sophisticated design of a front grille. The method uses a pattern that gives the maximum required clean and filtered air to the radiator for better use.
  • This model uses about five Cameras that provide a clear 360-degree view on every side of the vehicle. The first camera fixes on the frontal grille right under the Havla Logo Sign.
  • In Joilion, the side mirrors retract once you exit and lock the car. These mirrors also have sensors to alarm you with sound when you or other vehicles nearby get too close.
  • Haval has introduced intelligent handles in their Jolion. Touching the handle will unlock the vehicle for you. When you want to lock the car, connect a specific location on the door handle, then it will close the car plus retracts the side mirror.
  • It is an attractive and fascinating design feature that Haval has introduced on their vehicle. From the front where the bonnet starts, the curve line starts and ends on the taillight side, and another curved line goes from the back bumper to another side of the back bumper.
  • It is a beautiful design that they have offered for the headlamps. It is like 3 inches high and about 8 inches wide. They use LED lamps in square designs with 4x numbers of these square designs.
  • Companies have introduced these DRL lamps in modern cars, and Jolion has also used them in Jolyon. DRL stands for Day Running Lights, and they use LEDs that will turn on when you begin the engine and stay on till you turn off the engine. These specific led DRLs help a lot in the Foggy season.
  • Tail lamps also have LEDs that will turn on and off in milliseconds as you push the brake lever. The light is bright enough that the rear car driver can easily see them. In an unexpected event, the tail lights remain turned off, and then you can use reflectors on your bumper.

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Interior Features:

Haval Jolion is offering some good features that enhance the travelling experience of the passengers and driver, Some of the features are as under:

  • The number one feature is using a stylish dashboard in the vehicle cabin. It is futuristic in a sense with the facilities available on it.
  • Haval Jolino uses 8.6-inch heads display in the front windscreen that gives all the essential information regarding vehicles for the ease of the driver.       
  • The steering wheel has multimedia control buttons and other buttons regarding other systems’ control.
  • Jolion uses a 12.3-inch wide touchscreen infotainment system. You can see different information from maps to radio to multimedia.
  • This vehicle offers a good space between the front and rear seats.
  • Rear passengers have the facility to use two USB ports.
  • Automatic transmission controls through a Rotary Shift Dial, a new feature in the local automobile market. Before the release of this model, imported cars like Mercedes and BMW had these features.

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  • Haval Jolion comes with a 1.5L Turbo Engine that provides a displacement (cc) of 1497. Its torque is 210NM@2000. This engine has four cylinders in it.
  • Jolion can reach a maximum speed of 180km/hr. It has 7x speed for its automatic transmission.
  • The wheel has a tire size of 225/55/R18 with an 18” wheel size and uses Alloy rims. This vehicle uses six airbags with 5x seatbelts with child locks.
  • Haval Jolion also has the VSC, HSAC, and ABS braking systems.
  • Another significant feature is the introduction of an Auto Emergency Brake. Haval Joilion equips with Blind Spot Detection and Lane Support System.
  • Haval Jolion equips with adaptive cruise control, which controls fuel consumption.

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