Honda is Planning to launch HONDA CITY 6TH Generation in Pakistan ?

Publish Date: May 21, 2020    720 views

in our early post we already tell you guys that honda is planning to launch new generation of honda city in pakistan .but in that post we tell you guys that honda is planning to launch honda city 7th generation in pakistan . but our sources now have some interesting news with proofs . below you guys can read the full news/story.

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Normally cars are released and understood by their generation and chassis codes. The generation of City currently is Pakistan is as old as an entire generation. Came back in 2009 and 5th generation in line with chassis code GM2/GM3.

The 5th generation was replaced by 6th which has chassis code GM4/GM5/GM6/GM9. The various chassis code is for the fact that the same generation was known with different names in different markets or with some different technicalities. Honda City in our region was known as GM6 and it came in 2014 and remained till 2019.

Honda City 2020 Now as per the recent Pakistan Import Data, Honda Atlas imported a CBU/ Completely Built Unit of a 6th generation City from Thailand. The import data shows a "GM6" Honda City with L15Z engine which is a 1.5L engine as currently in City. So, what does this mean ? It looks like that yes for sure Honda Atlas is working on replacing the City BUT is the replacement coming inform of 6th generation ?

Lastly its too early to say what's going on with Atlas but few facts give us some direction to make some guesses. Once we have more info, we will share . As of now nothing is officially confirmed and I leave it to readers to make an opinion on basis of available resources.